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Home care neglect

The BBC have obtained footage showing multiple failings in home care provided to one woman by Mosaic Community Care in Preston.

Ministers are warning home care neglect could be the next scandal to arise from the sector.

Muriel Price is 83, and her family installed CCTV cameras in her house in Blackpool to monitor her movements and provide help should she fall whilst home alone.

The videos reveal carers failing to turn up for visits or turning up late which caused Mrs Price great distress.

Mosaic Community Care say that they have never been informed that the family had concerns and that patient’s care is of paramount importance to the company.

One scene recorded showed Mrs Price in great distress before her carer arrived. Mrs Price had been in bed for 13 hours as her carer was nearly 1 hour late. She tried to contact the care company, carers, family and neighbours for help but failed to reach anyone.

She is heard crying out, “Disgusting this is, absolutely disgusting. It’s not good enough, I can’t put up with it much longer.”

She then quietly sobs before crying out for her husband, who was her primary carer before his death.

Eventually the carer arrives, 55 minutes late.

The footage seen by the BBC covers a period of nearly a month where carers turn up late or not at all on at least 12 occasions. Several other visits recorded were much shorter than the 1 hour they are contracted for.

Some carers were professional, there was footage examples of others that were not.

On one occasion it shows a carer sticking her fingers into food to check its temperature and on another occasion a carer changes Mrs Price’s incontinence pads in full view of the street.

Mosaic say that at no time were any issues raised by the family and that they are an awarding wining care provider.

Mrs Price is now being cared for in a care home.

Norman Lamb, Care Minister, was shown the footage and says the current system resulted in too often poor care, low wages and neglect of patients.

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