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Facebook and divorce

Facebook has added a new feature similar to those on premium dating sites for trial in the US.

US users are able to send a message to a non-friend for $1.

Some are now worried that Facebook’s new feature could spell disaster for other online dating sites, and even those aimed at people who are looking for affairs.

But, more worrying divorce specialists are concerned that the new Facebook feature plus the new Graph Search Engine could lead the social networking site being cited in more relationship breakdowns.

Surveys by a UK based company, in 2009 and 2011 found that Facebook was cited in a third of divorce petitions they handled.

The Graph Search function allows users to make connections with other people that have similar interests.

Whilst many of those connections will be innocent, it could also be used to used by married people looking for an affair.

Swain & Co.’s divorce lawyers say that citing online sites in relationship breakdowns is not new; it used to be Friends Reunited, as many childhood sweethearts would get back in contact having both since married, and it would spell the end of their marriage.

Facebook has become a pervasive tool for communication with affairs as it can replace emails, texting and calling.

Relationship breakdowns can involve numerous contributory factors, not just one singular one.

But, whatever the reason for a relationship breakdown, it does not make the process easier.

Family mediation can help the process as it encourages couples to reach amicable agreements about children and finances out of court.

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