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Legal Aid is ending for divorce

Legal aid is being cut from most divorce cases from next month.

As of the 1st of April 2013, legal aid for divorce is to be slashed apart from those cases which involve domestic violence.

Divorce statistics

The Office for National Statistics shown that there is an average of 120,000 divorces every year and 42% of marriages will end in a divorce.

A report from the Legal Ombudsman published last month found that high fees have resulted in many complaints to them in relation to divorce.

Samantha Lee, family lawyer and partner at Swain & Co Solicitors says, “We recognise that costs are a crucial part of the concerns over divorce.”

“We are pleased to say that we have not had a complaint made about our divorce fees dealt with by the Legal Ombudsman.”

“Furthermore, we have fixed fee packages, pay as you go family law advice and offer legal aid funded mediation for those eligible.”

The Ministry of Justice is urging people to look at the alternatives to costly and lengthy divorce battles.

Mediation can now be provided through legal aid, and is said to be a quicker and cheaper way for couples to resolve disputes before heading to divorce courts.

According to the Ministry of Justice, mediation can take about ¼ of the time and can be 8 times less expensive than the traditional court based route for divorce.

Samantha says, “There are more options available to those looking to separate and divorce. Fixed fee packages mean you know what you are paying; pay as you go advice means you pay for what you need; and mediation works with the interest of the entire family at the core of discussions.”

If you are facing separation and/or divorce, speak to Samantha about the options available. Call for free on 0800 298 6479