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Wife wins divorce following map reading row

A wife who was granted a divorce nisi in December after a map reading row has won the case against her husband’s appeal.

The businessman Mr Powell failed in his legal bid to prevent the marriage from ending.

divorce rate article depicted on Swain & Co website as couple in bed not talking

The ruling came after the Judge admitted to similar arguments with his wife.

The London’s Civil Appeal Court heard that the couple had argued after getting lost on country roads during a wine tasting trip to Burgundy in August 2011.

Mrs Howell was navigating her husband when he said they needed to stop as they had lost their way.

An argument began over Mrs Powell’s map reading abilities and lasted ‘a matter of moments’, but formed the basis of Mrs Powell’s bid to divorce her husband.

Judge Michael Horowitz, QC confessed that he and his own wife also argued over map reading and granted Mrs Powell the decree nisi.

Mr Powell appealed for the order to be overturned insisting that the 10 year marriage was not dead.

He argued that Judge Horowitz was wrong to accept his wife’s account that the map reading row was one of many as this was the only one she referred to when directly questioned about arguments.

Mr Howell denied he acted unreasonable, and objected the order to pay his wife’s £20,000 legal bill.

Lord Justice Thorpe refused the appeal commenting that this couple had wasted too much money and energy than was necessary had there been a more realistic assessment of where they stood and how to end their marriage.

Nicola Whitley, expert divorce lawyer, says, “I always think that once one party to the marriage has said it is over, it seems futile to try and argue otherwise. It is a very costly exercise to defend a divorce and they are rarely seen these days. However, we do see people from time to time who reconcile and we quite like the happy ever after stories!”

Divorce is an emotionally difficult time for all people involved; the couple, any children in the marriage and the surrounding family.

Samantha Lee, Nicola Whitley and the Family Law team are here to support you through your divorce.

We can support you and your family through family mediation as an alternative to traditional court based proceedings for divorce.

If you and your family are facing divorce, we offer you free initial advice and support to discuss the options available to you.

So call Samantha, Nicola and the family law team for free on 0800 298 6479

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