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Redefining domestic violence

From March 2013, the official definition of domestic violence is to be widened to include teenage victims as well as ‘coercive control’.

It is essential that society recognises that domestic abuse might not necessarily be violence, or that violence may be accompanied by other abuses making escaping the whole situation.

The inclusion of ‘coercive control’ is a response to this point.

Domestic abuse is about power. Perpetrators of the abuse will use chilling tactics to exert power over things such as finances, contact with friends and family, to keeping a victim permanently pregnant or in charge of a newborn.

There is more to domestic abuse than flesh wounds; and the psychological harm is more than telling victims they are fat and/or ugly.

The first change, to include teenagers, is essential as more teenagers are experiencing domestic abuse and domestic violence.

Abuse can happen in any relationship, therefore the government are right to ensure that teenagers are recognised and included in the definition of domestic violence and abuse.

Swain & Co.’s domestic violence solicitors say that society’s perception of domestic violence needs to be changed.

Often it is asked why does the victim not just leave when they have been physically harmed by their partner, but by extending the definition to include coercive control, perhaps society may gain more idea of why people find it harder to escape.

Victims of domestic violence and abuse need support, and need to know where to find that support.

As Swain & Co. we offer a drop in service 5 days a week, from 9.00 – 5.00 so people can get help when they come through the door at 3-5 South Street, Havant.

We also have a 24hour emergency text and call number: 07435 969798

So call us, or drop in to get the help and advice you need – Don’t suffer in silence.


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