Sussex police urging teenage domestic abuse victims to come forward

domesticviolenceSussex police are using Valentine’s Day to raise awareness of teenagers who suffer domestic abuse and encourage them to contact police.

This is the latest strategy in the Sussex Police Force’s ‘Talk To Us, We Can Help’ campaign that is focusing on encouraging victims of domestic abuse to report incidents and they are keen to hear from young people of both sexes.

At present most calls for help regarding domestic abuse are not from teenagers, but teenagers are believed to be experiencing domestic abuse and Sussex Police want to bring it out into the open.

Swain & Co.’s domestic violence solicitors say that it might be a case that young people do not know that domestic abuse can include intimidating and controlling behaviours, therefore are less likely to seek help.

It may be difficult for young people to realise that the way their partner is behaving is wrong and actually domestic abuse.

More people need to come forward, and Sussex Police are urging teenager to talk to them or talk to someone about the abuse.

Help is out there


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