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Most common Grounds for Divorce – ‘we’re not surprised’

The most common grounds for divorce is unreasonable behaviour.

Samantha Lee explains why she is not surprised:

“There is no such thing as no fault divorce.

There has been talk of bringing in no fault divorce for many years, a move which we support. But as yet it remains the same.

To get a divorce, you must use one of the following reasons (grounds for divorce):

  1. Adultery (usually with an unnamed person);
  2. Unreasonable behaviour;
  3. Desertion for two years;
  4. Two years separation with the other party’s consent; or
  5. Five years separation with no consent required

You might think that unreasonable behaviour means that someone in the marriage is a horrible person. But, it is subjective.

Adultery used to be the most common ground for divorce. But this means that one of the married couple needs to admit adultery. Not everyone wishes to. Even if it happened they might not want it on official records.

Divorce petitions are now being brought by more females. I put this down to girl power and women’s liberty. We are taking more control and women’s rights are voiced to greater awareness.

The decision to end a marriage is hard. It takes a lot of time to reach it.

So, when you do often one or both parties want out as soon as possible. Hence, why separation of 2 years is now less common.

Using unreasonable behaviour does not have to result in additional acrimony.

We will always try and avoid enflaming the situation for our clients. We can send the draft petition to the other person for consideration before it is issued at court.

There is nothing worse than someone being told that the divorce is being started by receiving official papers from the court.”

Samantha Lee heads the family law department. She is passionate about supporting clients through an emotionally difficult time. Therefore, our family law department provides top quality legal advice, but more importantly, they will listen to you.

You are an individual, so your situation is personal to you. We will listen to you and understand what is important to you.

If you are thinking about starting divorce proceedings we can advise on your options and offer a range of payment schemes to keep the costs manageable.

We can provide free advice over the phone in an initial consultation.

Contact us on 02392 483322

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If you'd like to read more on the Office of National Statistics on Divorce - click here

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