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New Emergency domestic violence service in the Portsmouth area.

(as seen in the Portsmouth News 23/03/2012)

A new service to help those suffering from domestic abuse has been launched. Local solicitors, Swain & Co, have launched a new 24/7 emergency helpline and offer a specialist service for the people of Portsmouth, Havant and the surrounding area.

Based in Havant, Nicola Whitley, specialist Family Solicitor at Swain & Co says "It is a sad fact that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime and, shockingly, 2-3 women a week are killed by their partners or ex-partners in the UK alone".

Sometimes, the Police cannot help to provide the protection that is needed. Abuse can take many forms and can very subtle, which means that the Police cannot necessarily help. Abuse is not only physical. It can also be emotional, financial, psychological or sexual. This is also something that the Government are taking seriously and they are planning a change to the law and extend the definition of Abuse to include controlling behaviour. Amid the potentially devastating Legal Aid cuts, those suffering from domestic violence will still be able to obtain legal aid.

Nicola says, "Domestic abuse can affect people of any age, gender, race, sexuality, wealth and geography, every day of the year.

"This can be behaviour such as controlling who your friends are, not letting you go out, constant criticism and belittling. It could have been going on for years, so you're just used to it, or it could just be beginning. You do not have to let it carry on.

The new 24/7 service is confidential and geared up to providing swift advice when it is most needed. We recognize the fact that it’s often very hard for someone to take that very important first step and to seek help. A fast and effective service is essential as is a committed team of expert lawyers.

"Victims of abuse can get protection from abuse through a court order (called an injunction). These orders can help prevent further abuse to you and your children. It can help to remove the abuser from the home and keep them away.

"There are also applications that can be made to the Court to protect children, such as to prevent them being removed from one parent’s care to ensure their safety.
"We recognise this and are here to help you, when you need it.

Swain & Co can advise on all family legal matters and will help you get what you need for your circumstances. Please do take action now"

Legal aid is available and urgent action can be taken today.

Phone or text the Swain & Co 24/7 helpline on 07435 969798 or call in to Swain & Co at 3-5 South Street Havant between 9-5pm weekdays.



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