65th birthday of the NHS: Cause for Celebration or time for Retirement?

Today (5th July 2013) marks the 65th birthday of the NHS; 65 years since the inception of the NHS Act.

We are told by politicians that we should be proud of the NHS, it’s achievements and the notion that everyone should be able to access healthcare regardless of financial circumstances for 65 years.

Recently though, we hear of the NHS being chronically understaffed and citing this as a reason for providing, often, inadequate care.  This is evidenced by the many scandals currently in the press not to mention having a watchdog that the public do not trust to investigate our hospitals and care homes.

Melanie Lidstone Land, medical negligence lawyer at Swain & Co says, “Not only is the news filled with the effects of our struggling NHS including the Mid-Staffordshire scandal, the Care Quality Commission “cover up” of deaths at Morecambe Bay NHS Trust and the appalling care of our elderly population, but as medical negligence lawyers we see first-hand the devastating impacts medical mistakes and NHS decisions have on our clients.”

So, on this 65th birthday should we all be celebrating the wonderful public institution that is our NHS or should we be calling for its retirement?