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Avoidable deaths data to be published

NHS England to publish important data in the New Year.

Jeremy Hunt has confirmed that NHS England will publish data that confirm number of avoidable deaths.

This will be a world first for any healthcare system.

Approximately 170 out of 223 NHS Trusts will be in a position to reveal data on avoidable deaths.

These are deaths they believe could have been prevented had not the Trust breached duty of care owed to the patients.

Each Trust will be making their own judgement which deaths could have been avoided.  Currently there is not a standard definition of what constitutes an avoidable death.

However, Mr Hunt has said that the Trusts are asked to use the same methods when determining how many patient deaths could have been avoided.

There has been in total 240,000 deaths in Hospital.

It is currently estimated that between 1,200 to 9,000 deaths in Hospitals each year could have been avoided.

If the NHS had not failed, those deaths could have been avoided.

It is believed that such data will help the NHS England to learn from its mistakes. It will inform for improvements in care that is currently provided to NHS patients.

Families of those who have died as a result the NHS failings will be given explanations over relatives’ deaths.

Mr Hunt says, “It's about hospitals creating a culture which makes it easy for staff on the frontline to say, 'look, something went wrong; I think it could have had a different outcome and we need to learn from this so it doesn't happen again’.”

Medical Negligence team at Swain & Co Solicitors understands how heart breaking it is to lose a loved one.

We regularly help individuals who has lost a relative as a result of NHS England Trusts breach of duty of care.

We could help you too. And will take the time to listen to you, time to investigate for you and take the time to get you answers.

For free initial advice call us on 02392 483322


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