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Nottingham City Hospital apologises after baby’s skull cut in Caesarean

Nottingham City Hospital apologises for the neglect and their “woefully inadequate” investigations after baby died following a cut to his skull during an emergency Caesarean section.

The infant unfortunately died three hours after being born at the hospital in July 2013, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has now settled a claim of clinical negligence.

The infant’s mother, said that she only found out during the post-mortem examination that the cut to her son’s head was caused by a scalpel. She quoted the hospital’s care as “absolutely horrendous” and explained that “as if losing my baby wasn’t enough, I have been put through hell fighting for the reassurance that I could not have prevented my baby son’s death”.

“It has been the worst experience of my life and I doubt my family will ever get over our loss.”

The Head of Service for Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Trust, apologised for the shortfalls in the infant’s care and that they are mindful that no words or amount of money can undo the harm and distress the family have experienced.

A Consultant who was present at the time of the Caesarean explained that he was supervising a more junior colleague but was watching “like a hawk” and would have intervened if he believed there was a cut to the skull. However a paediatric pathologist said there were parts of the head which were so soft it would be possible to penetrate without sensing any pressure.

Following the inquest, it was confirmed by the Medical Director that “The Pathologist concluded that this extremely rare complication of the Caesarean caused [the infant’s] death”.

“It will never be known whether had this not occurred, [the infant] would have survived.”

Johnathan Steventon-Kiy, specialist Clinical Negligence Lawyer says,

“At, what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of any parents lives, to find out that the death of your child could have been prevented will be hugely distressing. Whilst the majority of care patients receive in NHS hospitals is exceptional, sadly there are some those where the care falls below a reasonable and expected standard. At Swain & Co, we deal with many cases involving maternity negligence and our solicitors are experts in this field”.

Johnathan Steventon-Kiy and the Clinical Negligence team at Swain & Co Solicitors regularly win compensation for their clients who have experienced substandard treatment. If you, a family member or a friend have experienced problems regarding substandard medical treatment contact our team today on 02392 483 322.


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