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‘I love working at Swain & Co Solicitors’ – exciting opportunity for career in law

Elle Herft has recently joined the firm, and she tells us what it is like working at Swain & Co Solicitors as an Apprentice:

“My name is Elle Herft and I am currently working at Swain & Co Solicitors as an Apprentice.

I left Springfield School in 2016 with the GCSE grades I needed to be able to do A Levels at Southdowns’ College. I really enjoyed college and made lots of new friends, particularly enjoyed Law as a subject.

Keen to start working full time.

Previously, I had worked in several restaurants but I wasn’t happy with that.

My aim was to work in the law.

In May/June 2017 I decided to finish college. I started looking for an Apprenticeship. As I have always wanted a Law based career I looked to find an Apprenticeship in Law. That’s where I came across Swain and Co Solicitors.

Swain & Co were looking for an Apprentice to do Business Administration. I couldn't contain my excitement and applied straight away.

I had an interview with Melanie (who is now my Head of Department) and Jacqui who is Melanie’s Personal Assistant.”

Warm welcome the moment Elle walked in

“At first, obviously, I was very nervous. But, as I walked into reception and saw Lyn and Sharon, the receptionists, who were so welcoming towards me it made me much calmer and relaxed.

I thought my interview with Melanie and Jacqui went very well.

Then I received an email from HR saying that I had got the job.

I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to start.

On the 10th July I started work with Swain and Co Solicitors.

I absolutely love working at Swain & Co Solicitors.

I am learning so much and absolutely love working. The team I work in is the Medical Negligence, Personal Injury and Mental Health team. My colleagues are very busy, and they need the admin support that I now provide.

Even though everyone is constantly busy, they are kind, funny and friendly and that just makes work a better place to be.

At the moment I do jobs to help other people such as:

  • photocopying,
  • scanning,
  • opening clients’ files,
  • filing,
  • writing letters and
  • helping with some of the marketing.

My typical day as an apprentice at Swain & Co Solicitors

I start the morning at 9:00am and finish at 5:00pm.

My typical day will start with checking my emails as I come in. Not many come in, but it’s still best to check in case any important information is sent through such as a fire drill warning.

After that, I check the lawyers filing and make sure that gets done.

Filing is important as everything the lawyers do with the file has to be noted and time recorded.  To be able to do this properly and work on the files they need everything on the file in perfect date order.  It is also very important that the files are kept tidy so everyone has easy access to the file and doesn’t struggle finding information that they need.

I do a lot of photocopying for our department. Medical Negligence cases, for example, require copies of all the clients’ medical records. These must be kept in a specific order and properly catalogued.

Time for tea?

I also like to make hot drinks for our department (to keep them going!) and make sure that their post is delivered to them.

I’d like them to think if they ever need me to help them I would always be able to.

Training and development

Jacqui has trained me to do most things from opening clients’ files to scanning a document and she is now training me to start audio typing.

I do hope to be at Swain and Co Solicitors for a long period of time.

In the future I hope to finish my Apprenticeship and maybe enrol with the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) to become a Lawyer.

I’ve always been interested in law and I’ve always imagined myself working within the law. Swain & Co gave me an opportunity to do this and start my career.

I am excited for my future here at Swain and Co.”

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