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Left blind by undiagnosed brain tumour

Our client seeks medical attention from her GP on numerous occasions. She does not receive referral  for urgent treatment. Now she is blind due to an undiagnosed brain tumour.

Dizzy with blurry vision and Labyrinthitis diagnosis

Our client was experiencing symptoms of vertigo, dizziness and blurry vision. She experiences these for 3 weeks before seeking medical attention.

Her doctor diagnoses labyrinthitis and prescribes medication.

Sees doctor 5 weeks later and symptoms are no better

The medication has no effect and her symptoms do not subside and she sought medical attention again 5 weeks later.

Still feeling dizzy, unsteady on her feet and having blurry vision.

The doctor does not carry out an examination. He continues to diagnose labyrinthitis given she is still symptomatic.

Still dizzy with blurry vision over 3 months later

Our client continues to complain of dizziness and blurry vision 3 months after first seeking medical help.

She sees her doctor again nearly 4 months since her first appointment and the diagnosis is labyrinthitis again. There is no record of an examination and her medication is stopped. In his notes, the doctor writes ‘hopefully things will settle’.

After nearly 5 months - brain tumour diagnosis

Our client is eventually referred to an optician over 20 weeks (nearly 5 months) since first seeing her doctor.

The optician sees a shadow behind our client’s eyes (or bilateral papillodema).

She receives a referral to A&E at Wythenshawe Hospital and a CT scan reveals a brain tumour.

The tumour was so large it was causing pressure in our client's skull and pressing on her optic nerve.

This was the cause of her having blurry vision.


Our client is transferred to the Neurology Unit at Hope Hospital.

She undergoes brain surgery to remove the tumour.

Our client recalls, “When I woke up I was confused about what was going on and what had happened.”

Her sight did not improve despite treatment.

Registered blind – 1-2% vision

Our client is now registered blind and has around 1-2% of her vision.

She can see shadows but no detail.

Her friend provides her with a newspaper article which advertises Swain & Co’s medical negligence team. She contacts Swain and Co’s solicitors to help her pursue a medical negligence claim for failure to diagnose a brain tumour.

 “Life is non-existent”

Our client is still very much dealing with the life changing injuries she has sustained as a result of the failure to diagnose her brain tumour.

“I can only manage trips to local shop or church over the road, as I have been trained how to get there using my cane. But, other than that I sit in my flat listening to the TV or audio books. Life is non-existent.”

She feels vulnerable and cannot even enjoy crocheting anymore.

Johnathan Steventon-Kiy is working on settling her medical negligence claim.

“Swain & Co Solicitors don’t beat around the bush, they keep me up to date and well informed. I have confidence in them. Everyone I have seen and spoken to are very nice.”

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