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Lung cancer set to overtake breast cancer in European women

Lung cancer set to overtake breast cancer as biggest cause of cancer deaths in women depicted by swain and co solicitors with a magnified dictionary definition of cancerExperts are saying that lung cancer is set to overtake breast cancer as the biggest cause of cancer death for European women.

The Annals of Oncology reports that this is already the case in the UK and Poland.

The upward trend of lung cancer is as a result of the surge of women who took up smoking in the 1960s and 1970s, explain experts.

It is expected that the increase will continue for the next couple of years, but is expected to decrease with time as less young European women are now starting to smoke.

Professor Carlo La Vecchia and his colleagues carried out the research and say that in 2013, some 82,640 European women will die from lung cancer and 88,886 will die from breast cancer.

By 2015, lung cancer will have taken the lead they say.

Professor La Vecchia and his team looked at the cancer rates in the European Union as a whole (that is 27 member states as at 2007) and they also looked at six individual countries: France; Germany; Italy; Poland; Spain and the UK. They looked at all cancers, and individually for stomach, intestine, pancreas, lung, prostate, breast, uterus (including cervix) and leukaemias.

The figures reveal that more and more people are developing cancer, a common factor of living longer, but overall less people are dying from cancer.

Despite this overall decrease, lung cancer deaths among women in EU countries are continuing to rise.

Pancreatic cancer deaths among both men and women also show little sign of decreasing, largely due to there being few effective treatments for this type of cancer.

Swain & Co.’s medical negligence solicitors say that it is positive that the cancer death rates overall are decreasing.

These new figures underline the importance in getting people to stop smoking as well as prevent people starting smoking in the first place.

Every year 157,000 children in the UK start smoking, and this needs to be tackled.

With cancer, an early diagnosis is essential to increase the chances of successful treatment.

As medical negligence lawyers, we handle many cases where there have been delays or misdiagnosis of cancer.

This can lead to complications in treatment, mean that more aggressive treatment is required, or in the worst cases, can lead to shortened life expectancy.

If you have suffered from a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer, then we can help you.

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