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Maternity negligence claims costs NHS over a billion

Maternity negligence claims that cause injury to newborn babies or mothers have cost the NHS more than £3billion in the past 10 years.

The report by the NHS Litigation Authority also highlighted that junior doctors and inexperienced midwives are often involved claims against the NHS which relate to maternity negligence.

There were 542 cerebral palsy claims over the 10 year period. They had a combined pay-out of £1.3billion which accounts for a third of the money paid out or to be paid out in relation to maternity negligence.

The largest number of claims was for mismanaged labour - 715 claims with a total pay-out of £424million.

The second highest number of claims is related to botched caesarean sections. There were 647 claims totalling £216million.

Misinterpretation or poor management of cardiotocograph (which monitors a baby’s heart beat and a mother’s contractions whilst the baby is in the uterus) cost the NHS £466million.

Gynaecology and obstetric claims accounted for 20% of maternity negligence claims.

Swain & Co.’s medical negligence lawyers say that maternity negligence injuries are very serious and can result in irreversible damage, which in turn can result in the need for lifelong care. Cerebral palsy claims therefore do cost the NHS more than other negligence claims.

If you or your child has been injured during pregnancy, birth or neonatal care - speak to Swain & Co.

We are experienced and knowledgeable in bringing maternity negligence claims against the NHS.

We offer free initial consultations to discuss the potential of bringing a claim as well as the funding options available such as Legal Aid and No Win No Fee.

So call us for free on 0800 0351 999

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