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£5.5 million medical negligence compensation – Wigan Hospital

Wigan Hospital Trust pays out over £5.5 million in medical negligence compensation.

Multiple failures by the Trust results in:

  • Deaths
  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • Misdiagnosis

Teenager dies from ‘sore throat’

Shockingly, a teenager died after complaining of a sore throat which, eventually, was diagnosed as glandular fever.

Brain damage after delay in diagnosis

In another tragic case, a child suffers brain damage. There was a delay in diagnosing infantile spasms before and after birth.

The mother also claims psychological damage.

As a result, Wigan Hospitals paid a lump sum of £1 million. They will pay £95,000 annually until 2023 and then £108,000 each year of life.

Highest medical negligence pay out = £2 million

The medical negligence compensation is revealed in a report prepared for Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust’s Board. It confirms that the highest payment made was £2,000,000.

The report shows a massive total of £5,544,373 worth of medical negligence compensation.

This stands in stark comparison to the £2,498,012.033 last year.

Medical mistakes resulting in medical negligence compensation include:

  • Swab left in body

Following an operation to remove a cancerous tumour, the surgeon fails to remove all swabs remnants from the wound.

As a result, the wound becomes infected. A further procedure under general anaesthetic results with a longer period of recovery. The wound healing time is longer. The victim endures pain and suffering.

  • Delay in diagnosing hypothyroidism

Claimant suffers extended:

  • pain and suffering
  • Symptoms of lethargy
  • general ill health
  • deterioration in school attendance
  • weight gain
  • Failed vasectomy

Vasectomy is not performed to a satisfactory standard. The left vas deferens was not cut but, rather, a blood vessel was.

A second procedure was required and victim sustains some nerve damage.

The victim’s wife became pregnant.

She also makes a claim after suffering stress and anxiety following the unwanted pregnancy and resulting termination.

  • Failed sterilisation

A Filshie clip is dropped inside the victim and left in situ during sterilisation. The victim becomes pregnant a few months later.

  • Death following hysterectomy

Poor outcome following surgery for a hysterectomy. There is a failure to investigate a fall in haemoglobin level on discharge. The victim is readmitted for pelvic haematoma and small bowel perforation. She suffers incurable infection and dies.

Tip of the iceberg with medical mistakes being made

Unfortunately, these are only a small number of examples of what happens regularly within different hospital Trusts.

The Trusts must be held accountable for such negligent actions which so often are life-changing to the victim.

 Should you make a medical negligence claim? Melanie Lidstone Land explores

Melanie and the team at Swain & Co Solicitors regularly win medical negligence compensation for our clients for:

  • Medical mistakes
  • Failure to provide treatment
  • Delays in diagnosis

If you, a family member or a friend have experienced problems with medical treatment contact our team today on 02392 483322. 

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