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NHS crisis continues

It’s no secret that the NHS crisis is continuing.

The government does not appear to be coming up with any ideas on how to fix it. But, it is ok – surely we are getting that £365 billion Brexit campaigners promised?

No, doesn’t look like it.

Our NHS cannot cope with the number of people coming through hospital doors. The news constantly features stories of our hospitals crisis.

But, what is less reported are the GP struggles.

I appreciate that NHS staff both in hospitals and at GP surgeries up and down the country are overworked.

What must also be appreciated is that people who are suffering.  People like you.

You cannot get to see your GP when you need to; you wait months for operations and then they are cancelled; or you suffer due to the doctor not looking into your symptoms correctly.

GPs report that they are seeing double the number of people, but yet the number of GPs entering the profession is declining.

News reports that we are in a winter crisis. I think it’s fair to say that the crisis is year round.  It’s getting worse, with no sign of things improving.

It’s also a fair to say that some consider the state of the NHS to be one of disarray and, potentially, unsafe with access to prompt and thorough healthcare becoming more and more difficult.

Dr Louise Irvine, General Medical Practitioner, has stated: “This is a political fight because it’s the government that holds the purse strings and makes the policies. We are demanding of the government an increase in NHS funding to levels that meet our patients’ needs, and to ensure that general practice, hospitals, community, mental health and social care are properly funded.

The government has to act to save our NHS. We should be proud of our NHS and all it achieves despite the challenges it faces.

However, what is not acceptable are the injuries and neglect of patients that happens on a daily basis. It is not acceptable that our clients lose loved ones; it not acceptable that things deemed ‘never should have happened’ happen and permanently scar our clients; and it’s not acceptable that people can never work again because of medical negligence.

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