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Portsmouth hospitals report over 800 serious incidents

NHS trusts covering Portsmouth report over 800 serious incidents during 2016-2017.

Serious incident covers events such as:

  • Avoidable or unexpected injury or serious harm
  • Avoidable or unexpected death
  • Patient abuse
  • Events that lead to widespread public concern
  • Events that affect the trust’s capacity to provide an acceptable level of care

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham, had the highest number of these serious incidents – 389!

Two thirds of these relate to patients waiting on trolleys for more than 12 hours in A&E, a clear breach of Trust policy.

Southern Health, who provide mental health services and community care in Fareham, Gosport and Havant, report 230 incidents.

Melanie Lidstone-Land, head of Medical Negligence and Mental Health lawyer at Swain & Co Solicitors, comments,

“This is very worrying. Not only is our main hospital failing to keep patients safe, vulnerable people with mental health problems are at risk of serious harm too.”

“I am in the unique position that I see both sides of the harm caused. Representing clients with mental health problems and helping those injured through medical mistakes means I truly understand the severity of these serious incidents. Harm caused to patients has a widespread impact on their health, both physical and psychological, but also affects their loved ones.”

One of our clients was contacted by the QA to be told that their X-rays were not properly examined. The radiology department missed her cancer.

If they had examined the X-Rays correctly at the time, lung cancer would have been diagnosed many months earlier.

Tragically, our client was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and has recently passed away.

We will continue to act for this client, getting to the bottom or why this happened and whether their loved one would have survived if treatment had been provided properly.

Delays in diagnosing cancer have serious consequences.

We have acted for families of vulnerable young men and women who have suffered injury and death as a result of such “serious incidents” in mental health units run by Southern Health NHS Trust and succeeded in difficult claims for financial compensation.

BUT we know it is not just about money - often you just need answers.

You feel that the NHS “closes ranks”, protects its’ own and won’t answer the questions that you so desperately need answered.

We fight for you when you might not be able to fight for yourself!  We have the expertise, the energy, drive and commitment to pursue even the most difficult cases.

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