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Been referred for surgery? NHS waiting times are highest for 10 years

New statistics show that NHS waiting times are at their highest level in last 10 years.

Waiting for surgery or treatment is emotionally difficult.

You can put life on hold. You can vow to make plans after surgery or treatment. You just plod on in life – waiting.

We know, because our clients tell us.

The NHS is facing:

  • Staff shortages
  • Lack of funding
  • Demands of care outside of hospital

The NHS is unable to cope.

But, so are you. The waiting, the uncertainty is hard to live with. You may be in pain. You may have had surgery cancelled countless times already.

What if you are diagnosed with cancer?

This is such a scary time. We all know that the best survival rates come from early diagnosis and quick access to treatment.

The NHS is failing cancer patients. They are failing to provide the required 85% of cancer patients with appropriate care and urgent treatment.

A&E departments are fit to burst. 95% of A&E departments across our country are failing to meet national targets.

There are regular news items regarding lack of beds, queueing of ambulances, maternity departments being shut.

The Government needs to help us.

The capacity gap is obvious for all to see.

In this desperate times, more people will get injured.

We are seeing this happen.

One client of ours waits months for a simple keyhole surgery only to wake up and be told surgery had gone wrong.

One of her arteries gets punctured when the gas canister runs out. The surgery then converts from keyhole to open.

Instead of small scars from keyhole equipment, our client has a vivid scar including her belly button down to bikini line.

She also endures a two night stay in hospital rather than day surgery admission. One night was on high dependency. That’s one down from Intensive Care.

The recovery time also increased to the same as a c-section.

Imagine having to be baby sat by family because you can’t drive or lift. Imagine not being able to pick up your 11 month old. Or not being able to play with your 3 year old.

This is just a small example of the medical negligence cases we are supporting clients with.

For this client, she is searching for answers. Could her injury been avoided? Are the hospital covering up something? Was the surgeon rushing?

I have previously explained why we are different to other medical negligence lawyers. And it is because we care.

We know that the answers and apologies often mean more to you than the cheque.

For our client who suffers because of surgery gone wrong, she needs to understand why it happened. Could the NHS waiting time be one of the reasons?


Every person in my team is extremely skilled in what they do but, more than that:

  • they are passionate about what they do,
  • they are dedicated to succeeding for their clients and,
  • most of all, they care!

Of course, we are excellent lawyers but we are also excellent human beings and I think that is what I want as a client!

You need time to explain how your treatment and injury has affected your life.

We take the time to listen.

Speak to me, John or India for free, with no obligation.

Call today with no pressure on 02392 483322

Or fill out the contact form and we will call you back

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