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Young mother dies after failure to diagnose a brain tumour

A young mother died 6 hours after her son was born due to doctors’ failure to diagnose a brain tumour.

Rosie Kremer, 24, was told that her slurred speech, loss of coordination in her limbs and her dramatic weight loss during her pregnancy was a result of labyrinthitis, an inner ear infection.

Rosie’s mother, the legal guardian of Rosie’s son Bobby, says she later learned that even a hour before her death Rosie could have made a full recovery if her brain tumour had been correctly diagnosed and the fluid drained from her brain.

Lesley, 57, is now suing the North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, which manages the Cumberland Hospital in Carlisle.

Lesley says that in the end, Rosie was in so much pain that she kept asking people to help her and she wanted to die.

Early on in pregnancy, Rosie began suffering a loss of appetite, headaches, dizziness and sickness.

Lesley says that everyone seemed convinced that Rosie was just having a bad pregnancy.

But, in fact, a CT scan carried out after brain death revealed that Rosie had a very large brain stem tumour on the right hand side.

Lesley is speaking out about her daughter’s plight to raise awareness of organ donation.

Rosie’s organs were donated and have helped save eight lives.

Lesley is urging people to join the NHS organ donor register, which you can join by visiting