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Baby died due to medical negligence during birth

A baby boy died when medical negligence during his birth at Warwick Hospital led to severe brain damage.

During the inquest of this case, held in Coventry, the Coroner found failings in the medical care provided during labour at the hospital last October.

Daniel Kunigiskis was four days old when he died.

The coroner heard that Daniel’s mother, Sarah Kunigiskis, was in her second pregnancy and had been assessed as medium risk because she had previously suffered from post-natal depression.

The inquest found that there had been ‘a lack of cohesive care’.

Three different midwives failed to read Sarah’s antenatal notes and those in charge failed to monitor the foetal heart beat adequately.

Daniel was starved of oxygen and suffered hypoxic brain injury.

A Consultant Obstetrician indicated that if he had been aware of the problems during Daniel’s birth he could have been delivered 45 minutes earlier without injury to his brain.

The Trust have apologised to the family.

Melanie Lidstone-Land, expert medical negligence lawyer at Swain & Co says, “This is a tragic case of a baby dying as a result of medical negligence during birth.  It is alleged that a lack of foetal monitoring lead to hypoxic injury.  This is avoidable but if it happens the injuries caused can be catastrophic, as in the case of Daniel.”

Melanie is part of the medical negligence team at Swain & Co who have the expertise and experience of getting families the answers they need and, where appropriate, the compensation deserved for birth injuries.