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New charity calls for mental health to be on school timetables

MindFull has urged that mental health lessons should be on the timetable at every secondary school in the UK.

The charity claims that too many young people with symptoms of anxiety or depression are being let down or ignored.

MindFull launched a new online counselling service to support and advise 11 – 17 year olds on Friday, 4th July 2013.

Its founder, Emma-Jane Cross, says that mental health among young people is ‘one of the last great medical taboos in the UK today.’

Many young people resort to harming themselves to cope with their feelings and worse still are the alarming statistics relating to young people thinking about ending their lives.

Melanie Lidstone Land, mental health lawyer at Swain & Co says, “Awareness of mental health is essential to reduce stigma, and young people with mental health symptoms remains a taboo subject.”

“Without addressing this problem and providing proper support and treatment for young people with mental health difficulties we risk creating a serious and ongoing problem for the future.”

Encouragement to speak out about mental health is vital for all and MindFull are calling for mental health awareness to be included in young people’s development and a great place to start is with schools.

Psychologist, Professor Tanya Byron says that we need to offer support for children’s mental well-being as well as their physical health. She also BBC’s Newsnight about MindFull: see here