Important human rights conference

Dean Kingham of Swain & Co’s Human Rights and Prison Law department attended the JUSTICE Annual Human Rights Conference on Monday 20th October. Each year this is highly important, but ever more so given the Conservatives Plan to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. The event covered… Read More

Important news for Prisoners

ATTENTION IPP’s! Are you an IPP sentenced prisoner? Do you have a Sexual Offences Prevention Order in place, commonly known as a SOPO? If so you may be able to have the SOPO quashed! If you are serving an IPP sentence for sexual offences, you may have received one of these orders when you were… Read More

Parole Board Hearing

An Oral Hearing is Essential for Clarification of Risk or Conflict of Recommendations The Parole Board has traditionally been seen by most indeterminate sentenced prisoners as the point at which they are recommended open conditions or released.   For those indeterminate sentenced prisoners who find themselves in the unenviable position of being at a stalemate… Read More

Prison crises as suicides increase

Prison suicides soared by 69% in a single year – The Independent 22/10/14 Inmate suicide figures expose human toll of prison crisis – The Guardian 17/10/14 Prisoner suicide report calls for action on young inmates – BBC News 13/8/14 Death Trap prisons: UK government policy ‘responsible’ for soaring inmate suicides – RT.Com 12/8/14 Suicide and… Read More

Wrongly Convicted ?

Are you innocent?, wondering how to go about appealing your conviction? Swain & Co LLP can offer you the specialist advice and assistance you need. The test applied by the Court of Appeal in determining appeals against conviction is set out in the Criminal Appeal Act 1968 which provides as follows: Subject to the provisions… Read More

New family law presumption of parental involvement

From 22 October 2014, a new law will be in force in relation to children. The new presumption of parental involvement will be introduced. The amendment will be made to the Children Act 1989. The intention is to reinforce the importance of children having an ongoing relationship with both parents after family separation, where that… Read More

My landlord is refusing to carry out repairs and maintenance

There has been an increase in complaints about repairs and maintenance work required in properties, such as dampness, mould, leaks, broken doors and windows. A landlord normally owes a duty to the tenant to ensure that the physical condition of the property is in good order. The tenancy agreement might set out the landlord’s specific… Read More

Rent arrears

Being in rent arrears is a common situation individuals find themselves in.  Housing benefit problems is the most common reason of rent arrears. The first thing to remember is that if you are on housing benefit and you fall into rent arrears due to the delay it takes to sort out your benefits it is… Read More