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Discharge for s2 MHA Client

This week Tom Battarbee, Manager of Mental Health for the Swain & Co Liverpool office, helped his client secure his discharge from hospital. Tom’s, 71 year old client, had been detained in hospital for 15 days under section 2 of the Mental Health Act when he had his Mental Health Tribunal. He had never previously… Read More

Banks could be set to launch “divorce mortgages”

Some banks are said to be devising a new “divorce” mortgage for couples going through a divorce.  The idea behind the mortgage would be that an individual would then be able to borrow enough money to buy their spouse out for a set period of time.  A “divorce mortgage” would have the benefit of allowing… Read More

Are financial orders prior to Decree Nisi valid?

In a recent case* Cobb J had to consider whether a financial remedy order which had been made prior to a Decree Nisi was valid.  A District Judge had already granted the order under the misapprehension that the Decree Nisi had been granted.  Both Counsel and Solicitors who appeared for the wife were unaware it… Read More


Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US, accounting for 250,000 deaths per year, according to an analysis released on Tuesday 3 May 2016.  Researchers who undertook the analysis are calling for a register of all fatal mistakes to combat this overwhelming problem. Martin Makary and Michael Daniel, researchers at Johns… Read More

Wrongly Convicted? Are you innocent?, wondering how to go about appealing your conviction? Swain & Co Solicitors can offer you the specialist advice and assistance you need.

The test applied by the Court of Appeal in determining appeals against conviction is set out in the Criminal Appeal Act 1968 which provides as follows: (1)     Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Court of Appeal: (a) shall allow an appeal against conviction if they think that the conviction is    unsafe; and  (b) shall… Read More

Gemma Knowles qualifies as a solicitor

Swain & Co Solicitors are pleased to announce that Gemma Knowles has completed her training contact and qualified as a Solicitor today. Gemma joined the firm in September 2013 completing seats in Clinical Negligence, Housing and Family Law.  She has now qualified into the Family team and works in the Southampton office. In keeping with our tradition,… Read More

Parole Boards: The Unknown

Have you ever had a parole board and wondered whether you have read ALL the reports. The usual principle is that all of the contents of the dossier is disclosed to the prisoner. In some instances you hear “non-disclosure”. This is applied when there is material contained in the dossier where; “ …its disclosure would… Read More

Companies and ‘Signing’ the Deposit Protection Certificate

The County Court case of Bali v Manaquel Company Limited, 15th April 2016 raises further questions as to the validity of the prescribed information. The case was an appeal of a possession order made against Mr Bali at Lambeth County Court. Mr Bali was the assured shorthold tenant of Manaquel Company Limited. A deposit was… Read More