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New Contract for Junior Doctors Threatens Patient Safety

Thousands of junior doctors have amassed in London to protest against the new contract of employment they will be forced to sign if Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has his way. The contract being disputed would see the definition of ‘Standard Working Time’  within their contract extended from 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday, to 7am… Read More

Significant cost increases to Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding cases

The cost of local authorities fully complying with the Supreme Court ruling on deprivation of liberty safeguards has been published by The Law Commission. The landmark case of Cheshire West has forced local authorities into undertaken far more DOLS assessments than ever before with council struggling to keep up. This has resulted in large numbers… Read More


The severity of the staffing crisis within the NHS has been revealed by new figures showing that three-quarters of hospitals have been warned about potentially dangerous staff shortages. An analysis has been undertaken by The Independent of Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection reports of acute hospitals from 2014 and 2015. The analysis found that of… Read More

Families are paying too much for care homes

A report from The Local Government Ombudsman says that families are paying too much for care homes in England ‘all too often’ due to confusing or incorrect information from local authorities. It also says that some people were not offered affordable care options in their area. Top-up fees which are used for things such as… Read More

Foster children are harmed by frequent moves

Action for Children say that foster children who are moved between foster homes too frequently are being harmed.   Action for Children’s data suggests that last year, nearly 1 in 4 foster children in the UK moved foster homes at least once, some children moved six or more times. The charity sent Freedom of Information… Read More

Domestic Abuse Checklist for Police

Police officers are to get advice on recognising the tell-tale signs and patterns of domestic abuse. A report revealed that some domestic abuse victims feel intimidated and unsupported by officer’s attitudes, so new guidelines for police have been created. The Authorised Professional Practice (APP) guidelines have been issue by the College of Policing and encourage… Read More

Kidneys grown in the laboratory show promising results in animals

Scientists in Japan believe that they are a step closer to growing fully functioning replacement kidneys after promising results in animals.  The kidneys, which were grown in the laboratory using a stem cell method, were able to pass urine like normal kidneys when they were transplanted into pigs and rats. When laboratory grown kidneys have… Read More

Almost 100,000 children in England are homeless

New government figures show that nearly 100,000 children in England are living in temporary accommodation after being made homeless.  At the end of June 2015, 66,980 families or individuals were registered as having no home of their own.  This is a 12% increase from the end of June last year.  Almost a third of those… Read More

NHS report suggests that lives are being put at risk

An official report, “The NHS Atlas of Variation”, published by NHS England and Public Health England, has suggested that differences in accessing key NHS services across the country are putting patients at risk. The report looks at performance of services in over 200 local areas. The report found that in the worst performing hospitals one… Read More