Portsmouth Trust pay £30,000 damages after toddler dies on Christmas day

Anabelle Shepherd suffered from Hurler’s syndrome, a genetic condition which causes damage to the body’s tissues and can be fatal if treated in childhood.  She had undergone a bone marrow transplant at the GreatOrmondStreetHospital to treat her condition.  However, the transplant left her with a weakened immune system. Anabelle had begun to improve following the… Read More

Government plans to get more people with mental health problems into work

Tories have expressed plans to make benefit claimants who are declared unfit for work due to mental health problems undergo treatment for anxiety and depression, or risk having their payments cut. Current rules mean that people cannot be forced into treatment, like Psychological Therapy, as a condition of receiving their sickness benefits. If the scheme… Read More

Prison lawyers slams a none too bright idea for youth offenders

The new lights out policy of the Secretary of State for Justice (SSJ) for Young offenders  is fundamentally flawed. Our prison lawyers often deal with young individuals who have deep-rooted issues from childhood that cause them to be violent. Most YOI’s are short staffed and have low periods of unlock meaning these young people are… Read More


The recent case of a 16 year old boy who took his own life has highlighted the acute crisis in mental health services across the UK. The young man from Portsmouth had been suffering from a mental disorder and was unable to access treatment close to his home and his family as there were no… Read More

Marriage certificates could be updated

Marriage certificates currently only have a father’s details recorded on them. A proposed change in the law would see mothers being included. The current certificates are outdated and have been described as “offensive”. Marriage certificates in Scotland and Northern Ireland already include mothers’ names, as well as certificates for Civil Partnerships in England. Samantha Lee,… Read More

Help for people representing themselves

Representing yourself in court proceedings is a daunting and nerve wracking experience. Where do you turn when you need help? There are some resources out there to help you if you find yourself in this position. Resolution, who work to promote fairness and openness in family proceedings, have a link to videos that may help… Read More