Better support needed for Single Homeless people

The average age of death for a rough sleeper is 47 years Homeless people are 13 times more likely to be a victim of a recent crime Nearly 80% of homeless people have a health problem However, for those homeless people who are single, help from Local Authorities is near impossible due to not being… Read More

Breath test to detect stomach cancer risk

An early study published in the Gut journal suggests that a simple breath test could show whether people with gut problems are at risk of developing stomach cancer. The test detects chemical compounds present in a person’s breath.  It then matches these breath prints again those put into the system to identify if there are… Read More

Hampshire Solicitors Look into a New Court Charge

This month sees the introduction of a new charge for people who either plead guilty or are found guilty of a criminal offence. This is an extra charge on top of having to pay fines, compensation, prosecution costs and solicitor costs. This has been greeted with mixed reactions. The new charge was introduced by the… Read More

Nicholas Endean wins case against unfair care home fees

Swain & Co celebrating after reversing unlawful residential costs decision from local authority The Southampton Community Care department of Swain & Co Solicitors are celebrating after successfully reversing an unlawful decision from the local authority regarding care home fees. Nicholas Endean, specialist community care solicitor, was instructed by Ms D with regard to unpaid care… Read More

UK cancer survival rates 10 years behind rest of Europe

Experts have warned that cancer survival rates in Britain are more than 10 years behind those in other European countries, despite billions being pumped into the healthcare service since 2000. Research shows that even for breast cancer, the most treatable form of cancer, the survival rates are well below those reached by France, Italy and… Read More

Patients put at risk by “untrained” health assistants

An investigation by the BBC has found that healthcare assistants are working in hospitals without proper training or correct supervision. In some hospitals it is alleged that support workers have been left alone with up to 40 patients with junior staff asked to carry out tasks such as inserting IV drips. Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary… Read More

Seven day a week NHS by 2020

In the run up to the April general election the Conservative party have pledged to have a ‘7 day NHS’ by 2020. This announcement comes after much criticism of the way that hospitals, in particular emergency services, are run at the weekend. Studies have shown that patients are more likely to receive below standard care… Read More

Homelessness Duty – Single Mother Wins right to remain in London

The Supreme Court has ruled that Westminster Council cannot discharge their homelessness duty to a single mother of five by placing her in accommodation in Milton Keynes. This landmark ruling will have a major impact on how Councils look to house households to which they have accepted a homeless duty under the Housing Act 1996… Read More

The truth about women’s financial abuse

The recent report titled Unequal, Trapped and Controlled by Women’s Aid in association with TUC highlights the misery and hidden figures for women who have been financially abused. Financial abuse is defined as control over money and exploitation of a survivor’s income. This often leads to the survivor being trapped as they have little or… Read More