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Man given prison sentence for failing to pay divorce settlement

An oil trader has been given a 21 month prison sentence for failing to pay millions of pounds to his ex-wife which was agreed in the divorce settlement. Wade Cherwayko, former chief executive of Mart Resources, Canada, was accused of being in contempt of court by his former wife Moya. The lawyer representing Ms Cherwayko… Read More

Grandparents win battle to save grandson from adoption

The grandparents of a 3-year-old boy have won the family court battle to care for him and save him from being adopted. The hearing took place in Bournemouth, with the court hearing that social workers believed that the couple were unable to meet the needs of their grandson. However, the judge granted the grandparents with… Read More

Unfair Criminal Court Charge, have you been subject to it?

Unfair Criminal Court Charge, have you been subject to it? If so, we want you to speak to us. Just before the election, in his last disgraceful act the outgoing Lord Chancellor passed the little known criminal courts charge into the Criminal Justice and Courts Act. This has significantly changed sentencing as it is a mandatory… Read More


A judge has criticised a social workers report for using jargon by saying ‘it might as well have been written in a foreign language’  Judge Jeremy Lea was sitting at the Family Court in Nottingham in care proceedings. The case concerned a grandmother seeking to look after two children due to domestic violence in their… Read More

Increased Prison Sentences Under Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA)

Over this summer the Government has increased the length of prison sentences for those who default on their confiscation orders. The maximum prison sentence is now 14 years. Not only have the sentences been considerably increased, but also those who default on their confiscation order are no longer eligible for automatic early release. This could… Read More

Review finds music can reduce pain in surgery

Researchers at Queen Mary University in London have found that patients who listen to music before, during and after surgery had decreased levels of pain and anxiety.  Patients who listened to music were found to require reduced levels of pain relief after surgery when compared to those who had not.  It was found that listening… Read More

Call to action over “inappropriate” antibiotics prescription

Professor Mark Baker from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has said that 10 million prescription in England each year are inappropriate.  He has called for doctors who hand out too many antibiotics to be disciplined amid concerns that GP’s are too easily pressurised into handing out the drugs by patients who… Read More