Hospital discharges delayed over fears of lack of support

A survey by the Royal Voluntary Service charity suggests that almost 70% of nurses in England delay discharging older patients due to fears about a lack of community support, meaning medically fit elderly patients are being kept in much needed hospital beds.  189 nurses were polled in the study which looked at discharging habits across… Read More

Local Authority failures lead to child’s death

A series of acts of abuse against a young boy were not acted upon by Authorities leading to his death, says a report from the NSPCC. Blake Fowler, who died aged 7, had been seen with bruises at school, had made reports to social workers about being hit and had been admitted to hospital with… Read More

Husband-to-be collapses : Bride marries guest

A husband-to-be was about to put a garland around his bride when he collapsed, having an epileptic seizure. As he was taken to hospital, the bride chose a man from her brother-in-law’s family to take his place. And he agreed. The Times of India has reported that the husband-to-be had not informed his bride that he… Read More

Unlawful eviction

Unlawful eviction is when your landlord or your landlord’s agent unlawfully removes you or attempts to force you to leave your accommodation. Tenants often experience threats of eviction or actual unlawful evictions. Evicting tenants without following the appropriate legal steps is a criminal offence. Landlords may wish to evict tenants for numerous reasons, however landlords… Read More

Not the Global Law Summit

The Global Law summit celebrating the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta is currently underway in London.   The stated aim is to showcase the UK as a global leader is the legal world and the place to come is you are looking for Justice. It also boasts a number of high profile attendees such… Read More

‘I need help with my housing’

Are you currently renting your home from a Local Authority, Housing Association or private owner? Are you experiencing problems with your landlord or with certain neighbours? Many people don’t realise that Legal Aid is still available to assist tenants who are experiencing troubles with their housing. Below we have provided a summary of the types… Read More

Legal aid after the cuts

Money had to be saved and the only way to do this was to make dramatic cuts. Despite how devastating these cuts were – where are we now? The Legal Aid cuts hit a lot of vulnerable people who suddenly did not have access to legal advice. The Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, has said through… Read More

Eviction rates soared in 2014

Eviction rates in England and Wales soared in 2014. According to the Ministry of Justice in 2014 properties in England and Wales were being repossessed at a rate of 115 a day. 2014 saw the highest number of repossession since the records began in 2000 as 42,000 homes were repossessed. The eviction rate has soared… Read More


Child mental health has come under the spotlight in the media as a Labour draft taskforce report has been leaked stating that child mental health services in England must be prioritised more to tackle the complex and severe problems they face. This leak comes only a few days after the Duchess of Cambridge recorded a… Read More