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Welcome talk on mental health

As strong Mental Health advocates, and active lawyers, we were pleased to hear Prime Minister Theresa May talk about tackling the crisis in Mental Health. Naturally, we have some concerns. Firstly, saying that the government recognises the increasing numbers of adults and children suffering with mental health difficulties and want to reduce the stigma is… Read More

Divorce news: New Year, Big Decision

January is commonly the busiest time for a divorce lawyer. One in five divorces are filed in January. It has been associated with Christmas, with claims made that being forced to spend ‘family’ time together highlights cracks in relationships leading to increases in enquiries into divorce. But, it is more likely that the big decision… Read More

Ban on Letting Agents Fees – A Law still ‘In Progress’

You will have no doubt heard in the news that the latest statement by the Government contained a pledge to ban up-front fees payable to letting agents for residential properties. Anyone who has rented privately through a letting agent will be aware of the (often extortionate) amount of money needed to be paid up-front before… Read More

Further report on preventable NHS deaths

Report on preventable avoidable unexpected NHS deaths failure medical care. Following another report published this week, it is clear that the NHS is still not doing everything in its power in order to combat preventable deaths. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has criticised how the NHS deals with patient deaths, both in hospitals and in… Read More

Stroke patients missing out on vital treatment for brain clots

Thousands of victims missing out not receiving specialist care for brain clots to avoid disability after a stroke. Thousands of stroke victims are feared to be missing out on specialist treatment that can prevent disability after a stroke, following new figures released this week. The treatment, known as a thrombectomy, or clot retrieval, involves mechanically… Read More

Swain & Co Solicitors foodbank donation once again this year.

Our Liverpool office has been making donations of food products once again this year. Our team have chosen The Trussell Trust foodbank for their donations. Members of our Liverpool team have been closely involved with this charity and are aware that food bank donations are more reliant upon the generosity of people at this time… Read More

Child mental health specialists turning away a quarter of referred patients due to funding issues

Specialists Turn Away Children with Mental Health Issues Due to Lack of Funding.  23% of young people who are referred to a mental health specialist are being turned away, believed to be caused by issues with government funding. A new report suggests that money set aside to boost mental health provisions is not making it… Read More

‘Right to Rent’ – Compulsory Immigration Checks for Landlords

If you have rented a property recently from a private Landlord you may have noticed for the first time that you, and those sharing your home, have been asked to provide your passports and/or immigration documents. This is because of a change in the Law which came into force in February 2016 which rolled out… Read More