NHS to target those who have had long op waits

NHS England has been told by MP’s to prioritise those patients who have had long waits for routine treatment.  The target waiting time for routine procedures such as knee and hip replacements is 18 weeks.  The target has been met by and large since its introduction in 2008, however, once this target is passed there… Read More

Massage left woman paralysed

Sandy Nette had been attending a chiropractor for many years to relieve tension in her shoulder. However, in September 2007 she knew something was wrong when her vision became blurred following a session.  By the time her husband arrived her eyes had rolled back in her head and she was struggling to breathe. On the… Read More

“Maintaining innocence”

Statistically, those who “maintain their innocence” are much less likely to be successful on parole.  The Parole Board “prefers” those who plead guilty or admit or partially admit guilt then work with psychologists and probation in order to progress through their sentences.  However, the It is difficult for those who “maintain innocence” to progress through the… Read More

Phone consultations do not cut pressure on GP’s

A study in the Lancet has shown that offering GP consultations over the phone rather than face-to-face does not reduce pressure in GP surgeries.  Many surgeries struggling under the pressure of patient numbers introduced telephone consultations in the hope that such consultations would reduce pressures on GP time. However, the Lancet study found that telephoned… Read More

Lives could be saved by closure of local stroke units

A study has shown that hundreds of patient’s lives could be saved if local stroke units are shut.  This comes after local stroke units were shut in London and services were centralised, 23% of stroke patients died before centralisation but only 19.4% dying after centralisation.  This percentage change is equivalent to 96 people being saved due… Read More

Family Courts at breaking point

The courts are flooded with cases. There are serious delays and backlogs across the country. People are waiting months for hearings. Paints a pretty bleak picture. The family courts have changed dramatically over the last 18 months and it does not seem to be for the better. Judges are increasingly agitated and parties’ outside of… Read More

Drop in legal advice for family matters

Devastating statistics on legal aid for family law matters have been released. These showed a 60% drop year on year in family legal aid cases. This means that those who would previously have been eligible for legal aid are now either having to pay privately or represent themselves. Even more worryingly, there could be those… Read More

Civil Partnership conversion to Marriage can hold ceremony

Since 29 March 2014, people in same-sex relationships have been able to marry. ( However, those who were already in civil partnerships have had to wait for new rules to be implemented before they can have their civil partnership converted into a marriage. The alternative, is to dissolve a civil partnership and then marry. This… Read More

Courts says it will pay for unrepresented father to get legal advice

The country’s top Family Judge has made a groundbreaking decision, saying that the Court should pay for an unrepresented father to have legal advice. Three cases were heard together as they all presented the same issues. The mother had legal aid, the father did not. The father currently have little or no role in the… Read More