Mary-Anne Beedle qualifies as a solicitor

Swain & Co Solicitors LLP are pleased to announce that Mary-Anne Beedle has completed her training contract and qualified as a Solicitor on 1st September 2014. Mary joined the firm in 2011 and works now in Swain & Co’s family law department in Havant. Mary is a confident and effective lawyer and will be an… Read More

Fear of closure for failing GP practices

Plans recently unveiled by the Care Quality Commission mean that failing GP practices in England could be facing closure.  Practices will be rated on their performance.  Those with the bottom rating of “inadequate” will have 6 months to a year to resolve the problems.  If this is not done in time the practice will be… Read More

Low earning families struggling with rising housing costs

A report carried out by The Resolution Foundation has highlighted that working families with low to moderate incomes are struggling to meet their housing costs. According to the research wages are failing to rise whilst rent and utility bills continue to increase leading to families spending more than half their income on their housing costs.… Read More

How to help those who maintain their innocence?

Dean Kingham, an Associate in our Prison Law Department has significant experience of representing prisoners who maintain their innocence. He has previously given a speech at the Innocence UK annual conference on the subject. He is passionate about helping those who maintain innocence progress through the prison system. He is a member of Progressing Prisoners… Read More

Monkey “selfie” copyright row

In 2011 whilst on holiday in Indonesia, wildlife photographer, David Slater had his camera stolen by a group of monkeys he was photographing.  Whilst many of the photos taken by the monkeys were blurry, there was one clear picture of the monkey’s self portrait. This picture has given rise to a dispute between wikimedia (the… Read More

NHS to target those who have had long op waits

NHS England has been told by MP’s to prioritise those patients who have had long waits for routine treatment.  The target waiting time for routine procedures such as knee and hip replacements is 18 weeks.  The target has been met by and large since its introduction in 2008, however, once this target is passed there… Read More

Massage left woman paralysed

Sandy Nette had been attending a chiropractor for many years to relieve tension in her shoulder. However, in September 2007 she knew something was wrong when her vision became blurred following a session.  By the time her husband arrived her eyes had rolled back in her head and she was struggling to breathe. On the… Read More

“Maintaining innocence”

Statistically, those who “maintain their innocence” are much less likely to be successful on parole.  The Parole Board “prefers” those who plead guilty or admit or partially admit guilt then work with psychologists and probation in order to progress through their sentences.  However, the It is difficult for those who “maintain innocence” to progress through the… Read More