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Forced marriage and interim care orders

In a recent case* the Family Court decided that a forced marriage protection order granted a sufficient level of security to a child who may be at risk of a forced marriage, so that an interim care order over the same child did not need to be made. The case concerned two Afghan children, aged… Read More

Tax on divorce

Proposed changes to the court fee for divorce has been labelled a ‘tax on divorce’.   The Government have proposed changes to court fees in England and Wales. As part of the consultation the family law group, Resolution, has labelled this a ‘tax on divorce’. To get divorced you need to issue proceedings in court.… Read More

MoJ gross failures cost taxpayer £1.1 million

Chris Grayling, the previous Lord Chancellor had an idea to sell UK justice solutions abroad to countries such as Saudi Arabia. The idea behind it lay with the commercial selling of offending behaviour programmes such as CALM, SOTP and RESOLVE to foreign jurisdictions. As such he instructed the National Offender Management Service to create Just… Read More

Parole Board appoint new Chairman

The Parole Board has announced the appointment of a new chairman and we are very pleased it is Mr. Nick Hardwicke. Mr. Hardwicke was previously in charge at the Prison Inspectorate and was never afraid to shine a light on each prison establishment they reported on. He was very much a thorn in the side… Read More

Court of Appeal rules ‘bedroom tax’ discriminatory

The Court of Appeal has ruled the ‘bedroom tax’, or spare room subsidy, discriminates against a domestic violence victim and the family of a disabled teenager. The first case involved a single mother living in a three-bedroom council house with a secure panic room linked to the police station to protect her from a violent… Read More

Facebook friend request of stunning Juror leads to allegation of Jury Tampering and trial by Judge alone

In a recent Judgment the Court of Appeal had to consider an appeal by a Defendant whose trial was stopped after an alleged incident of jury tampering. This is a very interesting case because the Court whom included the Lord Chief Justice referred to the “well-known problems” of attempts to interfere with juries in Liverpool.… Read More

Findings of review in special guardianship published

A report into special guardianship, recently published by the Department of Education, highlights the need for proper assessment of potential special guardians at the beginning of each case.   The review found that the majority of Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs) are made to carers who already have an existing relationship with the child.  In addition,… Read More