My landlord is refusing to carry out repairs and maintenance

There has been an increase in complaints about repairs and maintenance work required in properties, such as dampness, mould, leaks, broken doors and windows. A landlord normally owes a duty to the tenant to ensure that the physical condition of the property is in good order. The tenancy agreement might set out the landlord’s specific… Read More

Rent arrears

Being in rent arrears is a common situation individuals find themselves in.  Housing benefit problems is the most common reason of rent arrears. The first thing to remember is that if you are on housing benefit and you fall into rent arrears due to the delay it takes to sort out your benefits it is… Read More

Refusing prisoners’ rights to open conditions

Changes to the Secretary of State’s policy as to which prisoners are eligible for open conditions will cause quite a shake-up to the parole process once the policy is fully implemented.     A Parole Board Member update letter dated 8 July 2014 advised that it was not appropriate for a panel to delay consideration… Read More

Transplant allows paralysed man to walk again

A Polish man, paralysed from the chest down after a knife attack in 2010, has become able to walk again after pioneering transplant surgery.  During the surgery cells from his nasal cavity were transplanted into his spinal cord. The man underwent two operations, the first to remove specialist cells from his nasal cavity and the… Read More

Legal Aid cuts and the effect on justice to children and families.

After a year since the legal aid cuts were introduced, many charities and councils have investigated whether these changes have affected the legal system and people’s access to justice. The legal aid cuts were introduced through the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, also referred to as LASPO. Since the introduction of… Read More


Losing your home will cause significant stress and have an impact on your welfare. Homelessness can be caused by many reasons. Most times it is down to a long chain of life events. However, the main reason is down to relationship breakdown or not being able to receive support from friends and relatives. Losing a… Read More

Medical Innovation Bill gets government backing

The Medical Innovation Bill, proposed by Lord Saatchi would allow terminally-ill patients in England and Wales to be voluntarily treated with unlicensed drugs.  There have previously been concerns that the bill, if made law, could be abused by medical practitioners.  Therefore, Lord Sattchi has amended it to require doctors to receive the agreement of another… Read More

Wear Your Hat to Work Day

Here we are wearing our hats to work for the day to raise money for Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance service – to donate text HATS followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70500