Miliband pledge to end child mental health ‘neglect’

After it was revealed that children’s mental health services have been cut by £50m under the Coalition Government, Labour has finally pledged to increase funding for mental health care, stating that it will “end the scandal of neglect” of child mental health issues if it wins May’s general election. Earlier this month, official figures showed that… Read More

Restraining order after hammer threat

A Fareham man has been given a two year Restraining Order after admitting two counts of criminal damage, an assault and sending malicious communications to his ex girlfriend. After separating, the man went to his ex’s work. She wanted to keep things calm and offered him a lift. Whilst in the car he waved a… Read More

How to Stop Possession Of My Rented Home

Are you struggling to meet your rent and have fallen into arrears? If so, you are at risk of eviction from your home. You may have many debts after the festive period but paying your rent and council tax are the most important debts to pay. The first step you can take to assist your… Read More

We secure legal aid for an inquest

Swain & Co obtain ‘exceptional’ representation The death of a loved one is a tragic and awful time and this can be made worse when the death is unexpected, or unexplained. How do you get answers and how do you deal with this at such a difficult time in your life? In circumstances where there… Read More

25 cancer treatments withdrawn due to lack of funding

NHS England has announced that 25 different cancer treatments will no longer be funded by the NHS in England.  The Cancer Drug Fund, for cancer drugs which are not routinely available, was to go £100m over budget without the cuts. Some drugs are to be cut altogether whilst access to others will be restricted.  However,… Read More

I want a divorce – what happens now?

Swain & Co. Divorce lawyer, Nicola Whitley, explains what you can expect once you make the decision that you want to end your marriage. New Year brings new beginnings, and is typically busier a time for divorce lawyers. Regardless of when you decide that you want a divorce, people are often left thinking, what next?… Read More

Landmark case on sale and rent back properties

The Supreme Court has finally handed down its judgement on a test case about the rights of tenants who participated in ‘sale and rent back’ schemes. Several years ago many people were persuaded by property companies to sell them their homes at knock down prices and in return they would have a tenancy for life.… Read More

Have you been failed by A&E services?

Accident and Emergency services across the country seem to be at breaking point with records showing that on average the four hour waiting target was missed by 8%. This meant that over Christmas and the New Year thousands of sick and injured patients were left waiting for over four hours before being seen to by… Read More

Number of Evictions double in 12 months

Figures have been produced by the Ministry of Justice that show that the number of evictions has doubled in 12 months. The statistics show that 11,100 households were evicted from their homes in the three months up to September 2014 – this is the highest figure since the Ministry started producing quarterly statistics in 2000.… Read More

Horror at number of people representing themselves

A Court of Appeal judge has said that she is ‘horrified’ by the number of people who have to represent themselves at court following cuts to Legal Aid. A survey carried out by Solicitors firm Hodge, Jones & Allen has shown that 83% of Lawyers no longer consider that there is true access to Justice… Read More