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7 young people killed or injured in Road traffic accidents

It is Road Safety week this week, and there are calls for changes to the ways young people learning to drive.

Last year 2,700 15-24 year olds were killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents – that equates to 7 people per day*.

In a bid to make the roads safer, the Association of British Insurers are calling for a change in the way young people learn to drive.

They would like to see new drivers learning for at least a year before being able to sit their practical exam; they want to see a curfew on young drivers to stop them driving at night; and they want a zero tolerance on alcohol.

Swain & Co.’s personal injury lawyers see first-hand the consequences of road traffic accident while helping families deal with the consequences.

We support the bid to make Britain’s roads safer, and hope that if the changes happened it would see a decrease in the cost of insurance premiums that the UK’s young drivers have to face.


Road traffic accidents can leave victims with serious injuries and even losing their life.

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*Figures quote on Daybreak 19/11/12