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Accident at work leads to man suffering arm crush injuries

A demolition firm from Birmingham has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an accident at work resulted in a man suffering crush injuries to his arm.

The 33 year old man was working as a plant operator for Coleman and Company in November 2012 when, on their site in Warwickshire, his arm was drawn into an unguarded crushing machine, designed to crush concrete.

He suffered several fractures to his right arm and also wrist injuries and bruising. He later needed several skin grafts at hospital and has yet to return to work.

Without the swift action of his colleagues, who ran to his aid and turned off the machine, the man could have lost his life.
The resulting HSE investigation found that the accident at work could have been prevented had the company noticed that the machine’s fixed guards had been either removed or lost, and they had taken steps to replace them.

Melanie Lidstone-Land, expert personal injury lawyer at Swain & Co Solicitors LLP, says, “This accident at work involved a dangerous piece of equipment and as such the consequences of someone coming into contact with the moving parts can be devastating.”

“It is fortunate that this man’s injuries were not more severe, but he will still live with the scars, both physical and emotional, for the rest of his life.”

Everybody has the right to go to work and come home from work safe from harm. And, their employer has a duty to ensure their safety whilst at work.