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Accident at work sees Suffolk farm fined

A worker suffered an arm injury in an accident at work which has resulted in a Suffolk farming partnership being fined.

Luke Parker, 29, was working on an egg collector for the farm which breeds and rears ducks when the incident occurred in November 2011.

He was collecting eggs in one of the sheds and noticed that the feeding lines were not working properly.

It was not unusual for the lines to block and the farm workers knew how to get them working again. They removed the cover on the chamber at the top of the line and clear the sensor by scooping out the food. This would then activate the rotating mechanism that carried the feed along the line and cleared the blockage.

As Mr Parker was scooping out the feed from the chamber, the line powered up and the sleeve of his jumper and overall was caught on the rotating parts of the machinery pulling in his hand and wrist under and around the machine.

He managed to cover the sensor in order to get it to stop and called for help from colleagues nearby.

The back of his hand was badly cut and had caused damage to his nerves and tendons in his arm. He still suffers severe pain and restricted movement as a result of his injury.

The Health and Safety investigation revealed that there were no safe systems of work to deal with blockages on the feed lines, nor was there any provision to ensure the secure locking off of the machinery to prevent it starting up inadvertently.

Swain & Co.’s personal injury solicitors say that it was lucky that injuries sustained were not more serious.

The company should have had safe systems of work to handle blockages which were common, and it should have involved isolating the power supply to the machinery before clearing of the blockage took place.

This incident was entirely preventable.

Farming is one of the most high risk industry sectors for death and injury. Every year 40-50 farm workers are killed which is higher than construction or manufacturing.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident at work that was not your fault, we can help you.

Swain & Co offer you free initial advice to discuss your potential case as well as the funding options available such as no win no fee, that may be available to you.

So don’t delay – call for free on 0800 0351 999


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