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Mesothelioma diagnosis – family in distress, quick action needed

Following her father's mesothelioma diagnosis, his daughter speaks about the effect on her father and herself. And she explains how Johnathan Steventon-Kiy is helping.

Living with Mesothelioma diagnosis – “distressing”

“It is very distressing to see him in this condition. He can’t leave the house. We’ve had to move a bed downstairs. His only movement is from the dining room to the living room, and even that takes it out of him – we have to increase his oxygen.”

Our client’s daughter explains that her father was a very independent man.  Now he needs 24-hour care.

Around 18 months ago, our client first started experiencing breathlessness. But, when he also got pain in his right side of his chest at the beginning of June 2017, he sought medical help.

The consultant diagnoses pleural Mesothelioma.

Doctor says - I think you have a Mesothelioma Claim

The doctor tells our client that he believes he has a legal claim. The doctor says will support them in bringing one.

His daughter looks online, finds us and fills out our online contact form.

Johnathan visits them within 24 hours of initial contact

Specialist asbestos disease lawyer Johnathan contacts the very next day. He travels to Swindon to meet our client and his daughters.

“Johnathan was very sympathetic but professional. His questioning never made us uncomfortable. We are very appreciative of his kind but clear approach.”

Our client was exposed to asbestos when working for Pressed Steel Co Ltd, Swindon, from around 1959 to 1979.

Our client is gravely ill and his daughter says that despite fluid being drained from his lungs, he is deteriorating rapidly. Much quicker than she anticipated.

We will take care of you legal claim so you can spend precious time with your loved ones

“We are so appreciative that, although in early stages of making a Mesothelioma claim, we can relax and spend time together knowing that everything legal is in Johnathan’s capable hands.”

Johnathan helps many families deal with bringing a claim for compensation following a Mesothelioma diagnosis. And you can talk to him for free in an initial consultation on 07484 928076

You can read more about Mesothelioma and its symptoms on the NHS website.

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