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Don’t be fooled by insurance companies

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the topics of “insurance”, “whiplash” and “car crashes” have taken a back foot in the popular press over the summer months.

But don’t be fooled.

Once Parliament is back, the proposed reforms relating to injuries arising from car crashes will return. Probably with even greater enthusiasm than before.

To be honest, I am heartily sick of hearing the defendant insurance companies banging on about “fraudulent” claimants causing “higher premiums”. And that if steps were taken to stop such claims, car insurance premiums would reduce.

Again, don’t be fooled.

I don’t know about you but my car insurance premiums over the past few years have remained pretty much the same.

Admittedly, I am not a “girl racer” (those were the days!). I haven’t got any points on my licence (yet ...). And I have been fortunate not to have had to claim on my insurance recently.

That said, I don’t believe that there is any real evidence to support the fact that car insurance premiums are rapidly increasing, solely because of fraudulent claims, as is claimed by the insurance industry.

This may be because only 4 years ago, there were significant reforms as to how personal injury claims were processed.

Changes were procedurally and in terms of the amount of costs solicitors could recover.

In my view, this has had a much more significant impact on reducing the amount of claims. In all seriousness, at that time these probably were getting out of control.

And frankly, if there really is such a massive problem with fraudulent claims as alleged, in my view, there is an easy way for the insurance companies to deal with these claims.

Simply deny liability.

This would force the victim to pay for medical evidence and the issue fee (or persuade an After the Event insurance company that their claim was genuine).

Then the victim will have to prove their case before a Judge. If they lose, they will be responsible for the insurers costs.

But no. That would be too much like hard work for them.

So instead the insurance companies are leaning on the Government to make these reforms. The Government simply has no interest in standing up to them.

And the result of these reforms? 

Innocent people like you may not be able to recover compensation for having the misfortunate of suffering a whiplash type injury in a road accident caused by somebody else’s negligence.

If the claim is worth less than £5,000, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to get legal representation (because a solicitor will not be able to recover their costs).

Even if you dealt with it on your own, compensation levels are pitifully low – significantly lower than the current level.

So next time you see the car insurance banging the drum for reforms due to fraudulent claims, remember what the real position is.

And if you have had the misfortunate of being involved in an accident but have not yet claimed, you may be wise to seek legal advice as soon as possible and resolve your claim before the reforms arrive.

At Swain & Co Solicitors, we have a team of specialist and skilled lawyers dedicated to personal injury claims. We deal with all types of claims and all types of injuries on a daily basis – our aim is to make sure that you receive the maximum compensation possible for injuries you have received due to somebody else’s fault.

We offer free advice on whether you can bring a claim and if so, we will help you under a No Win No Fee agreement.

So fill out a contact form and we will call you back straightaway to discuss your claim

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