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Firm prosecuted after worker loses finger tips in accident at work

A Nottingham firm has been prosecuted after a worker lost his finger ends in an accident at work.

The worker was employed by a firm that provides processing support for brewing and food industries.

In March 2011, he was trying to feed clogged powder back into an industrial mixer through the discharge tube when his fingers were struck by the rotating blades.

He lost his the tips of his index and little fingers above the first knuckle on his right hand, as well as the ends of his middle and ring fingers just below the first knuckle.

He was off work for several months, and although has since returned to work, he now struggles with everyday tasks such as fastening buttons, texting on a mobile phone and using cutlery.

A further operation may be needed to relieve pressure and pain.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation discovered that there was no guard on the mixer to prevent access to dangerous moving parts via the discharge tube.

If a suitable guard had been fitted, the incident would have been prevented.

Swain & Co.’s accident at work and personal injury lawyers say that because of this firm’s failings, a worker has been seriously injured at work and has endured a lot of pain. The risk was entirely foreseeable.

No one in the company had the foresight to think that the mixer was inadequately guarded despite the evident risks, the clear industry guidance and the large number of workers injured every year by poorly guarded machinery.

HSE statistics revealed that in 2011/2012 more than 550 people were seriously injured in the manufacturing and processing industry after they came into contact with moving machinery or material being machines. A significant number of these incidents related to guarding failures.

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