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The need to tackle dangerous cycling

With the increase in cycle use, dangerous cycling is becoming more common.

Cycling has become extremely popular in recent years. Noticeably since the London Olympics of 2012. But, also because of a push to be greener and healthier as a nation.

However, the law is failing to keep pace with this modern day change.

Reports show an increasing number of injuries and deaths by cyclists.

The Government is under pressure to consider issues surrounding cycling and other vulnerable road users.

It has been recently announced that the Government will consider whether or not laws dealing with dangerous cycling needs to be implemented in this country.

There is a significant “gap” in UK law and, in particular, no offence of death or injury by dangerous cycling.

The current law is “outdated and wholly inadequate”.

A recent case of Charlie Alliston, 20, who is accused of causing the death of a mother of two whilst riding a bike with no front brakes.

Alliston was cleared of Manslaughter (killing without intention to do so). But he has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment under the Victorian law of “wanton or furious driving”.

Normally individuals would be prosecuted under the Road Traffic Act 1988 but Alliston was not operating a mechanical vehicle. Therefore it was felt appropriate to apply the Victorian law. This was closest law applicable to cyclists riding dangerously.

There will be a consultation on how best to address this issue.

Paul Tuohy of Cycling UK says: “Cycling UK looks forward to working with the Department for Transport on this consultation to ensure it focuses on evidenced ways that keep our most vulnerable road users safe, by addressing risks such as dangerous roads, drivers and vehicles.”

“The proposed review of cycling offences needs to be carried out as part of the government’s promised wider review of all road traffic offences and sentencing.”

“This will ensure the justice system can deal with mistakes, carelessness, recklessness and deliberately dangerous behaviour by all road users.”

As personal injury lawyers we are well used to dealing with accidents.

Accidents caused by drivers where cyclists are injured are unfortunately common. But this really does highlight the issue that there are, clearly, occasions where cyclists are dangerous and cause accidents and injury.

In some dreadful cases, these accidents have devastating consequences for families.

The Personal Injury team at Swain & Co Solicitors provide advice and representation for all road users, whether it be drivers of cars (or any other “mechanical vehicle”), pedestrians or cyclists on a daily basis.

We feel it is important to provide this service to all road users.

If you or your loved one has suffered an injury due to being involved in a Road Traffic Accident contact us today.

Call 0800 0351 999 or fill out the contact form today, for FREE expert advice.

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