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Personal injury claim successful despite defendant lies

Vicki Wright makes a successful personal injury claim despite the defendant’s lies.

Red rag to a bull

Nothing makes our clients more cross than when they are faced with lies after they are injured. What the other side fails to consider is how much our clients want honesty.

Lying about events, or blaming our client, is like a red rag to a bull! It fuels our fire.

Our client was injured whilst working. His task was to clean the servery. Whilst doing so, he reached over a hotplate and caught the back of his hand on a broken stainless steel post thereby suffering a 6cm laceration.

Won’t take the blame – lies about events

The defendant denied it was their fault. They lied and said that the steel post that had caused the accident had been replaced before our client was injured.

Our client was angry.

Vicki Wright was there to help.

Client wants them to admit it was their fault

She listened to our client. She understood that it is more important to our client to get the defendant to admit they were wrong. He needed help to prove he was injured due to their negligence.

Vicki got investigating! She uncovers photos that prove the servery was in fact replaced after our client was injured.

She also proves that safety concerns were raised about the servery before our client was injured.

Our client therefore proves that the defendant was not telling the truth.

Vicki secures admission that it was their fault

The defendant admits they were at fault and settles the personal injury claim for £1000.

The client is happy that we got them to admit that the accident was their fault. The amount of money he was awarded was not important.

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