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UK’s largest insurer says whiplash claims system must change

close up picture of two cars involved in an road traffic accident used by Swain & Co personal injury solicitors to depict insurers wanting changed to whiplash injury claimsAviva, the UK’s largest insurer has said that motorists’ premiums could be cut by an average of £60 per year by changing the whiplash claims system.

They want to see a new system that would force whiplash injury victims to put their claims directly to the guilty party’s insurer.

Aviva is suggesting that this will save money by cutting out the ‘middlemen’.

However, the Association of Prison Lawyers (APIL) say that this will leave victims of whiplash vulnerable.

Melanie Lidstone Land, personal injury lawyer at Swain & Co says that, “We agree with APIL’s concerns. There would be a profound conflict of interest by putting the injured victims of road traffic accidents entirely in the hands of insurers of the driver who caused the accident.”

The key point is that people are able to access independent legal advice to prevent such conflict of interests and to ensure that there is a fair outcome for the victims of whiplash and road traffic accidents.

We already have a problem with guilty party insurance companies contacting victims of road traffic accidents and trying to settle their claims at a reduced rate.

People’s rights need to be not only protected, but enhanced to ensure that they have the advice and support they need.

There are not two chances here, once a whiplash claim is settled it is final; you cannot go back and ask for more if injuries are worse than originally thought.

Melanie is part of our personal injury team regularly helping victims of road traffic accidents get the right compensation reflective of their injuries and any associated losses.

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident that was not your fault, call Melanie for free on 0800 0351 999.


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