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Expert Services
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Our Team
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Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence

Specialist Areas

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Specialist Portsmouth Medical Negligence Lawyers

Swain & Co Solicitors have a dedicated team of medical negligence and clinical claim solicitors. 

We have a proven track record pursuing clinical negligence and medical compensation claims.

You trust your treating team to uphold their duty of care to you as a patient. You expect them to promote and protect your health and wellbeing at all times.

But sometimes things go wrong.

If you or someone you know becomes a victim of a medical mistake and suffers physical injury or mental harm, contact Swain & Co Solicitors.

We can investigate whether or not a compensation claim for medical negligence or clinical injury can be made.

With expert medical negligence lawyers, we have many years of experience helping people bring complex clinical and medical negligence claims.

We help you get the answers that you need and the compensation you deserve.

What is clinical negligence?

There are many different circumstances and actions that can lead to a compensation claim for medical or clinical negligence.

For example misdiagnosis or simply a delay in diagnosis which leads to complications or a deterioration of your condition.

Claims can arise from medical neglect that causes your condition to deteriorate. Or from surgical errors, treatment errors, side effects and complications arising from medical treatment, prescription errors for medication including anaesthetic and suffering unnecessary pain or scarring.

Our team of expert lawyers deal with a wide range of cases including catastrophic and debilitationg injuries.

It may feel daunting bringing a claim against NHS for medical negligence or other medical mistakes, but we have the knowledge and experience needed to support you.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Southampton Clinical Negligence Solicitors

We are here to help you

Our team of specialist medical negligence lawyers have years of experience pursuing complex clinical and medical negligence claims.

Clients praise us on providing a personalised service; we understand that you are unique, so we ensure that your legal service is too.

We offer a free initial consultation and can act for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

“We specialise in valuing and maximising awards for medical injury or clinical negligence compensation claims.”


Melanie Lidstone-Land | Head of Medical Negligence and Personal Injury

Contact our specialist Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors. We have offices in Havant/Portsmouth, Southampton and Liverpool representing clients nationwide in medical claims.


Contact us today for a free initial consultation

We have offices in Havant/Portsmouth, Southampton and Liverpool.

Call our Havant office: 023 92 483322
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Successful Cases

  • Inappropriate dosage of medication £1.4 million compensation
  • Misdiagnosis of meningitis and failure to treat patient
  • Failure to diagnose testicular cancer - £150,000 compensation
  • Delay investigating an infection - £7,500 compensation
  • Achilles tendon damage not treated – compensation paid
  • Mismanaged birth resulting in brain injury - £2.5 million compensation
  • Failure to recognise heart bypass complications - £10,000 compensation
  • Putting the wrong lens in an eye during a cataract operation - £10,000 compensation
  • Fractures missed by the hospital including wrist, spinal and shoulder - up to £75,000 compensation
  • Wrongly catheterised - £7,500 compensation
  • Wrong prescription given - various compensation awards of  £3,000 plus
  • Representation on behalf of the General Medical Council to have two GP’s struck off
  • Delay in diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis - £85,000 payment made
  • Poor obstetric care resulting in death of baby
  • Delay in diagnosis and treatment of amblyopic eye condition - £50,000 compensation award
  • Injection into wrong part of arm resulting in injury - £7,500 payout
  • Error in vascular surgery - compensation paid
  • Death of father after GP error - £120,000
  • Delay in diagnosis of fracture - compensation paid
  • Swabs left inside patient after surgery causing complications - compensation paid

What clients have to say:

"I would like to express my thanks for all the work undertaken on behalf of A's clinical negligence claim - ... for patience, empathy and explanations."

S. S. (Southbourne)

"Thank you so much for the care and attention that I received from you all.

I was very grateful that you took on my case of suing the NHS for me and our subsequent success when they admitted negligence."

Mrs A P (Bournemouth)


"Miss Lidstone Land has provided a very professional service and has been very precise with all work carried out on my behalf."

Mr P P (Dorset)


"Thank you for a very good service and kind, sympathetic solicitor."

C A (London)


R W (Southsea):

Responded that she found our service 'Excellent' in relation to her medical negligence claim as Melanie Lidstone Land "Quick response to all enquiries and [she has] been kept up to date."


C S (Isle of Wight):

Asked how she found our service in relation to her medical negligence claim, she responded that it was 'Excellent' because "Case was dealt with respectively. Everything explained through each stage and excellent communication."

J P (Liverpool) also found Melanie Lidstone Land's service 'Excellent' in relation to his medical negligence claim because of "fast returns on mail, not [being] left waiting and procedures [were] explained well."

Mr R G (Southampton) said that he found the service received from Melanie Lidstone Land, in relation to his medical negligence claim, 'Excellent' because Melanie was "Very approachable and easy to talk to".


Mrs D (Southampton):

Asked how she found our service in relation to her medical negligence claim, she responded, she found the service 'Good' because of "Polite, helpful office staff. Patience by solicitor. Full information on whole case, procedures."

Specialist Staff

Medical Negligence