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Expert Services
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Birth Injury Claims | Baby

Birth Injury Claims | Baby

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London Birth Injury Claims Lawyers

Mistakes made during the management of the labour process and the events shortly after the birth can result in devastating injuries to the baby. We specialise in bringing birth injury claims on behalf of families.

Birth injury claims can arise from the following:

  • Oxygen deprivation leading to brain injury such as Cerebral Palsy
  • Shoulder injury to the baby as a result of the shoulder becoming stuck (brachial plexus or shoulder dystocia) leading to either death of the baby or injury to nerves resulting in the arm or hand becoming paralysed. This is known as Erb’s palsy
  • Forceps or ventouse delivery – a forceps or ventouse delivery is used where the baby becomes distressed and assistance is needed in pulling the baby out.  Both methods should be used in specific circumstances by fully competent and trained professionals who know how to use each tool. Failure to use these tools properly can result in scarring and nerve damage to the baby leading to paralysis or death
  • Failure to diagnose and treat jaundice leading to death of the baby or brain damage
  • Haemorrhages
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Fractures
  • Hyperbilirubinemia/jaundice

“Swain & Co Solicitors are leaders in the field of Medical Negligence cases including claims involving birth claims. Contact us today.”


Melanie Lidstone-Land | Head of Medical Negligence and Personal Injury

We get the answers you need and the compensation you deserve

Swain & Co Solicitors are experienced and knowledgeable birth injury solicitors that work with families affected by serious birth injuries.

We are committed and passionate that you should get the answers you need and the compensation you deserve. We know no amount of money will take away the birth trauma, but it may help you to move on and deal with on-going care needs.

Please be aware that claims being brought on behalf of your child must be made within three years of the child reaching their 18th birthday. This time limit does not apply if the victims’ injuries are such that they lack legal capacity.

Affordable solicitors for Cerebral Palsy and other birth injury claims

We will explore all options of funding available with you.

Legal aid may be available and we are experts in applying for and obtaining legal aid funding, as well as offering no win no fee arrangements.

We offer free first advice so call our expert solicitors who represent clients nationwide for birth injury claims

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