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Expert Services
Expert Services
A quality personalised service from a law firm based in Portsmouth/Havant, Southampton and Liverpool. We can help you. We will provide free first advice. Our lawyers are specialists in their areas of work.
Our Team
Our Team
We have specialist lawyers, many of whom are recognised as leaders in their respective fields and also share our unique focus on quality service and putting our clients first. Click here to find out more about our legal experts.
Fees & Figures
Fees & Figures
We provide a number of payment options: No Win No Fee, Legal Aid, Monthly payments, Fixed fee payment and other options. Here you can learn more about our payment options.


We believe that disability should not be a barrier when seeking legal advice. Our website has been developed with this in mind, we have used accessibility testing applications in order to meet accessibility standards in our website.

This ensures that meets the guidelines established by the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Access Initiatives (WAI).

Swain & Co Solicitors are committed to ensure that our website meets below accessibility criteria:

  1. Toggle Font Size
  2. Toggle High Contrast
  3. Menu Navigation
  4. Reporting Problems

Toggle Font Size

If you find our website font size is too small and difficult to read, there are three ways to increase the font size:

01. Operating System Preference

The operating system used by your computer should have an option to change the size of the text used, regardless whether you are using a Microsoft Windows operating system or an Apple/other operating system. This will help you to alter the size of the text on your computer not only the size of the text on our website.

02. Browser Preference

You can change your web browser settings and increase the default font as our website has been developed to allow for internet browsers to make these changes to our website.

Many modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 and above allow their users to increase the size of the content by simply clicking on the settings menu button on the right hand top canner in the browser and then increase the zoom ratio from default 100% to an amount that you’re comfortable with or using keyboard shortcut Ctrl and Plus (+) or Minus (-) button to increase or decrease the size of the font size.

03. Font Enlargement Controls

The font enlargement controls can be found on the left hand side on our website.

This can be used to make the text larger or smaller. Please note, this function has been built with Java Script (JS) and your browser needs to support JS in order for it to work. Older versions of Internet Explore might not support this feature.

Where our test resizing feature is not available, please refer to the points set out above.

Toggle High Contrast

The high contrast button also can be found on the left hand side of our website.

The high contrast button is to help readability. It uses a black background to reverse the text colour and removes the CSS background which makes everything easier to read.

Please note as a result of disabling CSS on the website, this might disable some of the images on the website. This means some images will not be visible when you activate this function.

Menu Navigation

Our website designed in a way that you can navigate through the website by using the tab key on your key board.

Reporting Problems

If you are experiencing difficulties in using this website, please contact our marketing team on 02392483322 or email