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Divorce and Separation: 3 year ditch is the new 7 year itch

A recent survey conducted by Netmums has found that couples are more likely to split after 3 years together rather than the after 7, dubbed the 7 year itch.

Having children has been stated as putting the greatest strain on relationships (40% of survey answers said). This could be linked to couples entering relationships later in life than in previous years and spending less time getting to know each other before they have children together. 5% of women fall pregnant in the first 3 months of a relationship with 15% falling pregnant within the first year.

People stated other pressures such as work, money and lack to spending time together outside of the home as contributing factors to relationship difficulties.

Swain & Co.’s divorce and mediation solicitors find these statistics saddening for the couple and children. Whatever the reasoning behind relationship breakdowns, the emotional difficulty for all parties involved is great.

We must also look at the positive statistics: 60% of survey answers said that having children did not put an added strain on their relationship whilst 85% of women do not get pregnant within the first year of a relationship.

Divorce and separation occurs for a variety of reasons, the important things to address is the support services available to the couple and any children during a relationship breakup. Divorce and separation needn’t get ‘messy’.

Mediation is a service that can offer an alternative to court proceedings, providing a couple with a neutral environment in which to reach amicable decisions about children and financial matters.

If you would prefer to save money and avoid court proceedings, or would like to end a marriage as amicably as possible, talk to Samantha Lee at Swain & Co on 02392 492967 about Mediation.


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