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Divorce is not the end of a relationship

When you think of divorce you think that the choice to file for it is to end a relationship. This is essentially what divorce is, a dissolving of marriage and a legal end to marriage.

Divorce can bring an end to a type of relationship between couples, but when children are involved, it becomes more of a restructuring tool for the family and the couple.

More than ever, former spouses have to develop a new kind of relationship in their continuing role as parents. There is now a global trend for fathers to be more involved with their children after separating from the mother, and this should be celebrated. However, it appears to be one of the main reasons for huge court battles.

Swain & Co.’s divorce specialists say that when thinking of divorce a person is looking at a means to end their relationship, not a method of restructuring it. But, increasingly this is what divorce means in modern society.

Reaching amicable agreements on child arrangements through the divorce process needs to be a high priority. This is where mediation services are becoming beneficial opposed to divorce through the courts.

Mediation is a service that can offer an alternative to court proceedings, providing a couple with a neutral environment in which to reach amicable decisions about children and financial matters.

Swain & Co.’s Samantha Lee is a fully qualified Mediator as well as a practising Solicitor, understanding all the legalities and pitfalls of divorce and separation.  She is not here to take sides, but can instead meet couples, jointly or separately, and provide a neutral environment for amicable and joint decisions to be reached.

Samantha deals with cases throughout Hampshire, West Sussex and beyond.

If you would prefer to save money and avoid court proceedings, or would like to end a marriage as amicably as possible, talk to Samantha Lee about Mediation on 02392 492967


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