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Expert Services
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Our Team
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Fees & Figures
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Are you enjoying the world cup?

Are you enjoying the world cup?

Excitement is mounting as England start their world cup journey. Our television channels, radio and newspapers are full of discussions about whether England can go all the way this year or if there will be disappointment when we crash out in the early stages.

There is however a large number of people who live in dread whilst the world cup is on.

These are the victims of domestic abuse. It is a sad fact that reported incidents of domestic abuse increase by 38% during the world cup.

Whether a result of too much alcohol or frustration at losing a match there is never an excuse for domestic abuse and our message is loud and clear; you do not have to suffer alone or put up with it. We can help.

First and foremost if you find yourself the victim of domestic abuse please call the police. Gone are the days when the police didn’t take domestic incidents seriously. They will come and help you.

Secondly seek help from the excellent local domestic abuse services. They can support you to make decisions and stop history repeating itself.

Finally we can help you. There are options to apply for an occupation order to require the perpetrator to leave the family home or a non-molestation order to protect you from violence, threats or harassment. These court orders can be applied for the same day you contact us when necessary and legal aid is available. We can assess whether you are financially eligible for legal aid and the financial limits for victims of domestic abuse can be waived in some cases.

Domestic abuse has the widest possible definition including emotional, psychological, sexual or financial. It is not necessary to prove physical harm in order to seek help. Samantha Lee; Head of Family Law at Swain and Co solicitors says

“Contact us on 0800 0351 999 for initial free advice. The more information you have the better able you will be to make decisions. It is important to know that help is available to protect you and your family and we can advise on all your options”

Call for free on 0800 0351 999 or send your enquiry to

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