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Father bugs ex-partners home

A father, Mr L, placed bugs in his-ex partner’s home and when they were found he claimed that he planted them as he wanted to keep a check on his child.  He admitted at Portsmouth Court today that he did indeed plant the bugs in a “moment of madness” but his ex-partner was none the wiser about them until one was found in her letterbox by a delivery driver.

Stop domestic violance

However, the Court heard that this was not the first time Mr L had tried to spy on his ex-partner as he had previously parked out the front of her house to keep watch on it.  His ex-partner, Miss C, described how she had been left feeling “scared” and “sick with worry”.  She also described in Court how she had been left worried that he was going to come back to her property and she did not want to live there anymore.

In the course of proceedings it was heard that there was a long history of Miss C being stalked by Mr L.

Giles Fletcher, prosecuting, said; “The defendant set up recording devices at his ex-partner’s home.  ‘He was listening to conversations between her and her friend... It is a very unpleasant offence... His justification is for wanting to know what was said in her house.  He does concede he had parked near to her home address and had been watching people leave at an earlier point...  It was planned and thought about, he was buying the devices, obtaining them and placing them in the home.  He is using the child as the reason why he has put the devices in place but at the same time he has spied on her.”

Edward Jackson, defending, said; “He did this thing which certainly in terms of the victim is perceived as unforgivable but it displays all the hallmarks of someone that is not thinking rationally. It was a moment of madness.  He is now thinking rationally and able to move on.  He did not have his head in the right place, now he has, and he sees what he did was stupid and wrong and he has shown full remorse for that.  He had concerns about the child who does have a genetic disability, he had concerns about some of his reactions to discipline and a few issues about her planning to change the child’s surname.”

At the Court hearing Mr L admitted to stalking Miss C as well as to a charge of assault by beating after he had barged past Miss C in an attempt to gain entry to the property.

Mr L was sentenced to a 12 month community order with a rehabilitation requirement of 25 days.  He was also given a restraining order which means that he has to stay away from Miss C and her address for 12 months and has to pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Nicola Whitley, Senior Associate and head of Family law at Swain & Co Solicitors says, “There are many incidents of domestic abuse between parties who have either been in a relationship or are still in one and this can range from physical abuse, to emotional and mental abuse carried out in ways including stalking the victim.  Whilst it can be very difficult in these situations to be able to speak out, it is important that the victim is also able to feel protected when they do speak out.  There are various types of protection available in both the criminal and civil courts, such as Restraining orders and Non-Molestation which can help to protect victims of domestic violence.”

If you are facing harassing, threatening or abusive behaviour from a current or ex-partner, please contact one of our team today on 02392 492 967 and we can discuss how we can help you.

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