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Funding for Domestic Violence victims

Domestic Violence campaigners petition government to provide funding for victims.

Campaigners against domestic violence are protesting against the government’s proposed cuts to funding for services which help vulnerable people.

George Osbourne will announce the budget plans for the next 12 months this week and it is anticipated he will announce further cuts to services, such as refuges, in line with his policy of austerity.

Feminine action group ‘Sisters Uncut’, who staged a protest outside the Treasury this week, have said that since 2010 domestic violence services across the UK have lost over 30% of their funding. This has led to a situation where it depends on a victim’s postcode as to whether they can flee to a refuge or not, which clearly is not right.

According to campaigners, one in three women in Britain will experience domestic violence yet the government refuses to secure funding to ensure that vital support services can keep running. Sisters Uncut and their supporters held the protest to ask that the government ring fences funding for domestic violence services.

A statement from the charity said:

Sisters Uncut maintain that austerity is a sexist, racist choice. Domestic violence support services are a vital lifeline for women fleeing domestic violence: they need secure funding in order to continue their life-saving work.”

The group blocked off the entrance to the Treasury using a wooden fence whilst employees were coming into work.

At Swain & Co we believe it is essential for local services to continue to be available for victims fleeing domestic violence. Without these facilities people face being left with the stark choice of staying in an abusive relationship and having no-where else to go.

If you need some expert and confidential advice on what your options are if you have been a victim of domestic abuse please contact one of our expert advisers on 02392 492967 (Havant) and 02380 631111 (Southampton).

Stop domestic violance

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