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Mediation: A different method of divorce

Sadly, around 40% of marriages end in divorce, and choosing to legally end a marriage is a difficult and highly emotional time.

The actual process of divorce and separation is relatively straight forward and some couples are now opting to complete the legal dissolution of their marriage with little help from divorce solicitors, some using fixed fee, DIY packages.

However, many couples do not for a variety of reasons, such as they are scared, don’t understand the process, don’t know what the Courts require, or the relationship can be lacking in trust, can be highly emotional or a battleground.

For protection couples often turn to divorce solicitors, but as the same solicitor cannot act for both sides, they have to instruct separate solicitors and the costs can add up and the process can be lengthy as solicitors need to communicate via letter.


What is family mediation and how can it help?

Mediation services offer couples the chance to instruct one person (the mediator) who will talk with both sides separately and together, and will work for the best interest of the whole family. As it is one person, they will have a more complete picture of the feelings, wishes, hopes and fears of both parties.

As there are not two solicitors communicating their client’s side to one another the process is likely to be quicker, with less costs and less aggression. This is extremely important for any children involved in the relationship as joint parenting will continue long after a relationship breakdown, therefore it would be beneficial to have an agreeable divorce.

At Swain & Co. Samantha Lee is our family mediator, but she is also a Family Law and Divorce solicitor so using her knowledge of her legal training together with her mediation skills, she will draw the two parties together to agree on a sensible, fair and practical outcome which is acceptable to both parties but also the Court.

This is the solution which has the best interests of the family at its core.

See our mediation page for more frequently asked questions or contact Samantha Lee on 02392 492967


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