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AL FRESKO NOT AL DESKO (How not to get crackers in your keyboard)

How many of us eat lunch at our desk?  When I say “lunch”, for me it has always been a case of grabbing something in between clients or case work.  As a consequence of this I have all sorts of crumbs and detritus stuck between the gaps in my keyboard.

Can you believe that there is a day to mark this behaviour?

28 August 2018 is Crackers Over Your Keyboard day.  It urges us to thoroughly clean our keyboards.


As if people that eat lunch at their desk have time to do that?  They are, surely, time poor because if they weren’t wouldn’t they take time for lunch in the sunshine?  Wouldn’t they go get a cup of coffee or perhaps do some shopping chores in their lunch hour?

This got me thinking that the least of our worries when we eat lunch at our desk is a few crumbs in our keyboard.  Is it not more of a worry that we are not taking a break?

Polls undertaken have found that as many as 60% of workers eat lunch at their desk every day and worse still two thirds of people who actually take time away from their desks, take less than half of their entitled lunch hour.  That equates to an extra 128 hours a year which an additional 16 eight hour days.

In a world where the hottest topics include mental health wellbeing at work and that elusive work life balance, it is surprising that these statistics prevail.  We are having to work longer hours than ever.  We are forced to work later into our lives before we can retire and employers are often so starved of money and resources that they cannot (or will not) reward their employees for an extra 16 days of work each year – if they are even aware of it!

Take your lunch break I scream at myself.  Take time to rest your mind, nourish your body and you will be rewarded (as will your employers) with a more productive, positive afternoon or work.

So from now on the mantra will be …

“Al Fresco” and not “Al Desko”

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