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Love to litigate day – 31 August 2018

So far I have written about “Colouring day”, “love your cat day” and “Clean your keyboard day” but I must admit that “Love to Litigate day” is my favourite so far.

In order to prepare this article I read a lot of quotes about litigation and lawyers.

This is my favourite from a Judge in Japan who said :

"There are more lawyers in just Washington, D.C. than in all of Japan. They've got about as many lawyers as we have sumo-wrestlers."

Actually, litigation is a lot like Sumo Wrestling (which happens to be another fascination of mine – hmmm…is there a “Sumo Wrestling day”?) – you have to train a lot, you have to be disciplined and you must be prepared to advance on your opponent with just the right amount of fight without stepping foot outside the fine lines that mark the boundaries for the countless rules you have to follow.

So why do I do it? 

Ever since I was a child I have had a really keen sense of right and wrong, a very strong moral compass and I get so upset when people step outside of that.

I am a lover of rules.  If I have a set of rules I am good at sticking to them but also good at finding ways around them, when I need to.

Add to that the fact that a client can come to me with a horrible situation, a “snakes wedding” of knots and arguments and I can unravel that, pick out who is at fault and move towards a settlement that helps my client financially means that I absolutely love to litigate.

Empowering people to make positive change…… our mission statement at Swain & Co and that often comes about through litigation.

I am Head of the Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury team at Swain & Co and I work with talented lawyers who really make a difference to the lives of their clients.  I asked them why they did it and this is what they said :

“the purpose of seeking compensation for my clients is to put them back in the position they were in but for the negligence. In most cases, this is simply not possible as no amount of money could ever replace the loss of a loved one or to compensate for the losses they have suffered. However, it is as close as we can get, as lawyers, to redress the position they are left in. I gain satisfaction from assisting those in their time of need to help fight for what they deserve and making a difference to their lives. Whether this is to bring some closure arising following a bereavement or to ensure that care needs will be catered for without having to worry about being able to afford it, each client has a unique requirement. Being able to assist them on their journey, to fight for their rights and obtain the compensation they deserve, is why I love to litigate.”

Johnathan Steventon-Kiy

“Accidents happen but some accidents happen as a result of somebody else failing to take sufficient care. And this is where I come in.  When I am asked to help someone who has suffered an injury, and sometimes a very serious injury, I want to ensure a just and fair outcome.  Some defendants accept responsibility quickly thereby allowing the claim to proceed with as little stress as possible. 

Others, even if the face of overwhelmingly strong evidence, refuse to accept responsibility and there is therefore no alternative other than to issue court proceedings. In these circumstances, it is crucial to provide support and guidance throughout what is inevitably a very stressful process. And at the end of a successful case, when justice has been achieved, I realise just how much helping others means to me.”

Vicki Wright

I am proud to be a Litigation Lawyer.  I go to work every day wanting to help people right a wrong that has happened to them.  I want to get answers for my clients, to get them the outcome and the financial compensation that they deserve.

That is why I love to litigate!

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