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Threat to human rights?

Ministers from European states have been urged to agree plans to reform the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg with the increasing pressure of the UK’s potential withdrawal.

Graeme Swain of Swain and Co. Solicitors has criticised talk in the UK of reforms to the Human Rights Court on the basis that they would undermine its ability to protect Convention Rights. Graeme says, “The European Court of Human Rights is the safety valve for people. Appeals and reviews are required to be independent, and a Court outside of the UK is arguably not subject to the same internal political pressure.”

Some in UK are essentially proposing for the Council of Europe to shift its role from ‘enforcer’ to ‘advisor’, meaning that the interpretation of the Human Rights Convention will have a greater domestic focus.

Graeme continues to explain, “This could mean that the UK Courts throw out cases earlier in the judicial process.

The Convention of Human Rights protects the basics of peoples’ rights, and should be interpreted independently when there are questions.”

Ensuring that our clients’ human rights are upheld is at the very heart of the work that Swain & Co. Solicitors does. There is no area of law that we practice which cannot be said to have a Human Rights element, including Public Law, Judicial Review and Discrimination.

If you think your Human Rights have been breached, do not hesitate to contact us now. Areas relevant to Human Rights issues include:

  • Prisoners rights
  • Provision of medical treatment
  • Detention under the Mental Health Act
  • Right to family life
  • Local Authority cutbacks
  • Closure of care homes
  • Inhuman and degrading treatment

Swain & Co hold specialist Legal Aid contracts in Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury, Community Care, Public Law, Actions against Police and many others.

Call Swain & Co. on 02392 483322 (Havant/Portsmouth); 02380 631111 (Southampton); 02086 929100 (London); or 01512 552286 (Liverpool).

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