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Bowel cancer screening – Why everyone should take part?

Bowel cancer screening – Why everyone should take part?

My husband has now achieved “that age” when he will be automatically screened by the NHS for Bowel Cancer.  From the conversations we have had, I can tell that he is not looking forward to it.  It is a mix of anxiety and the fear of the unknown as well as the “what if” factor.

I am not the best person to discuss this with given that I am a clinical negligence lawyer and therefore predisposed to feeling that the NHS, at best, might just about do what they are supposed to do but, at worst, won’t do it at all or will get it wrong.

I have acted for many men that have had “red flag” symptoms of bowel cancer and tried to discuss this with their GP only to be told that there is nothing to worry about or that they are “too young” for the symptoms to indicate anything sinister.  They have then gone on to receive a diagnosis of bowel cancer, sometimes too late for treatment to be effective.

It is not just GP’s.

I have also had cases, not just related to bowel cancer, where a referral has been made but it has been lost in the system, lost to follow up after tests or has just not been dealt with urgently enough, again meaning that by the time a formal diagnosis has been made it is too late for effective treatment.

We are now told in the popular press, today, that the way in which antibiotics have been used in recent years means that they are not as effective and, therefore, patients that are receiving treatment for cancer are more vulnerable.  We are told that this may affect the way in which some cancers are treated in the future.

I wonder, with all of that in mind, and looking at the way healthcare services are delivered in this country whether a more “American” system should be adopted where the worst case scenario is considered in advance of the other less significant diagnoses in an effort to “catch” them early and provide effective, perhaps less invasive treatment in a timely fashion.?

I am not a doctor. I am a lawyer and am programmed to ask questions and pick at a subject until I get the answers I need. I do this, not just with my own family members, but for my clients’ as well. I make sure that I get the answers they, or their loved ones, are looking for. I insist on due diligence by the defendants in their review of the case and I am doggedly determined to get the best outcome for my clients.

Melanie helps victims of medical mistakes, get answers and compensation when they experience substantial medical care, this can be delay in diagnosis, misdiagnosis and/or delay in treatment.

If you or someone you know, would benefit from a no obligation chat, call Melanie or her team on 02392483322 today.

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