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What we are currently experiencing as a nation is quite terrifying. All of us are subject to severe and frightening restrictions from the State in terms of our freedom to move about and go about our lives in a way that is unprecedented in peace time.

Some of us agree with those restrictions and there are those who do not, that is human nature. What seems to be agreed by all is the universal feeling that we are vulnerable and that we now, more than ever, need to look after our families and those people close to us.

I have read so much about this virus, the way that it is spreading without concern for race, class or geography. None of us are outside of its’ reach, and we are all at risk.

I have never, in the past, been complimentary of the NHS, but I am humbled every day by the way in which its’ staff continue to work, to put themselves and their families at potential risk from this disease but carry on regardless. It is brave and selfless and I, for one, stood on my doorstep to applaud them all last week. I know that myself and many of my colleagues, have signed up as NHS volunteers, in an effort to help.

BUT I am a lawyer and therefore programmed to question why the NHS has been left in a position where it has to be “protected”. For years now the NHS has been underfunded and understaffed. Surely, it was clear that at some point this would lead to a point of crisis? Maybe, a crisis of this magnitude could not have been predicted but surely a crisis of some nature was not too difficult to see on the horizon?

What will happen after this crisis has passed?

How quickly will the NHS recover and how quickly will people be able to access the care that is required to keep our nation fit and healthy?

At Swain & Co, we have had to consider the way in which our current clients, and potential new clients will need to be advised during this period. The Courts are adapting positively in an effort to keep the wheels of justice turning and so far, that has been working really well.

The Clinical Negligence team at Swain & Co continue to work in a way that ensures the best advice is offered to our Client’s, existing and new. We are constantly reviewing and reacting to the latest changes in law so that we can continue to succeed with cases and obtain the best awards of compensation for our clients.

All of our team are now working remotely to ensure continuity during these uncertain times and can be contacted in the normal way.

All of this means that we can continue to provide specialist, accurate advice in relation to any new enquiries and we are very much open for business.

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