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Funding doubled for Brain Cancer research

Government to double brain cancer research funding to £40m a year.

Following the untimely death of Tessa Jowell, former Labour MP, it has been announced that brain cancer research will have its government funding doubled to £40m and gold standard tumour diagnosis tests will be rolled out to all NHS hospitals.

Theresa May and her government have confirmed that it would now fulfil two key campaign aims of the late former Labour cabinet minister, including a national rollout of a brain cancer diagnosis test, gold standard dye, used to identify tumours.

The gold standard dye is currently only used in half of brain cancer centres in England and it was Ms Jowell’s wish that it be be extended to all of them.

There will also now be an annual Tessa Jowell global symposium, which will host the best clinical, scientific and academic minds on brain cancer to identify gaps, best practice and research priorities.  It is hoped that the first symposium will take place by the end of the year.

About 11,400 people are diagnosed with a brain tumour every year in the UK, with survival rates of just 14% for 10 years or more.

Every year at Swain & Co we see an increase in claims for delay of diagnosis for cancer, including brain tumours.  This firm has successfully settled a number of such cases which include a failure to properly diagnose a brain tumour which was mistaken for labyrinthitis.

All too often “red flag” symptoms for this disease are missed by GPs and there is an ongoing failure to refer to the appropriate specialists.  Sometimes, by the time that referral is made it is too late, the disease has taken hold or spread.  This can have devastating consequences for the patient and their families.

Not everyone has the ability to make a difference with regard to the way in which cancers are diagnosed and treated but we hope, most sincerely, that Tessa Jowell’s legacy is pushed forward by the Government with the same passion and determination that she, herself, advocated with.

Our team of Medical Negligence Lawyers at Swain & Co are dedicated to helping people who have received late diagnoses or incorrect diagnosis for all types of cancer.  We are able to investigate your concerns and come up with the answers that you are looking for.  We settle many claims every year that provide our clients’ with financial compensation and care packages to improve the quality of their lives following such a devastating mistake.

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