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July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month.

So, What is Sarcoma?

It is cancer of the bone and soft tissues.

Sarcoma is an uncommon cancer that can affect any part of the body, inside or out. This includes muscles, tendons, fatty tissue, bone and blood vessels.

Around 5300 people in the UK are diagnosed with a form of sarcoma every year.

Types of sarcoma

There are around 100 sub-types of sarcoma.

Most commonly legs, arms and the trunk are affected. But, sarcomas also appear in the stomach and intestines, behind the abdomen and in the female reproductive system.

  1. Bone sarcomas – approximately 670 people are diagnosed with bone sarcomas every year. However, not all bone cancers are sarcomas.
  1. Soft tissue sarcomas – this can affect any part of your body. 

Sarcoma survival rates

The survival rates for sarcoma are increasing in the UK:

  • 78% of people with sarcoma will live up to a year
  • 64.5% will survive 3 years
  • 55% will survive 5 years

A great resource of information and support if a loved one has been diagnosed with sarcoma is

At Swain & Co we speak with people every day who have been affected by a Cancer diagnosis.  Sometimes these diagnoses were not made quickly enough and,  rarely, the diagnosis is not made until the prognosis is terminal.  We are regularly investigating claims of this nature and succeeding in claims for damages for victims of these mistakes and omissions.

We can help you.

Need to chat to someone about the medical care surrounding your cancer diagnosis? We provide free consultations.

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