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NHS Breast Screening

What is the purpose of breast screening?

The purpose of breast screening is to diagnose breast cancer early.

Medical practitioners argue that earlier the breast cancer is diagnosed, the greater chances the individuals will have of survival.

Who needs breast screening?

Women who are registered with a GP and are aged 50 to 70, will be invited for breast screening. This happens every 3 years.

What happens during breast screening?

Breast screening is done by way of an X-ray (mammogram).

Why has breast screening been in the news?

The NHS has been caught up in a new scandal.

It was recently come to light that the NHS has experienced technical issues that date back to 2009.

The fact that the NHS had technical issues first came to light in January 2018 after an upgrade to the national screening IT system.

It was then found that women around age 70 were not receiving their final screening invitation. This, in turn, led to a wider review of the system.

Due to IT issues that the NHS has been experiencing, approximately 450,000 women across the UK have not been invited to breast screening.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health and Social Care Secretary, has admitted that up to 270 of the affected women may have died prematurely. He stated: “Tragically there is likely to be some people in this group who would be alive today had this failure not happened.

Reports show that approximately 309,000 women are believed to be still alive. Women will be receiving letters reportedly by the end of May 2018 informing them of the possibility that may have missed breast screening and inviting them for a late check-up now.

Jeremy Hunt stated: “... as soon as possible we will make our best endeavours to contact the next of kin of those we believe have missed a scan and subsequently died of breast cancer. As well as apologising to families affected, we wish to offer any further advise they might find helpful including a process to establish whether a missed scan was a likely cause of death and compensation is therefore payable… We recognise his will be incredibly distressing to some families.

The Medical Negligence team at Swain & Co Solicitors regularly win compensation for their clients who have experienced substandard treatment or a failure to provide treatment. If you, a family member or a friend have experienced problems regarding substandard medical treatment contact our team today on 0292 483 322.

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