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NHS performance stats…………what is happening in your area?

Delay in receiving care at Hospital?

Delay or lack of treatment for Cancer or other life limiting illness?

Planned op cancelled causing damage?

I read the BBC News every day and being a Clinical Negligence Lawyer I like to read the pages dedicated to health and wellbeing.  A lot of the time those pages give you the BBC link to check NHS cancer, A&E and operations in your area.

For obvious reasons I like to check.

At the moment my local trust, Portsmouth, is meeting 71% of its’ target for ensuring that 95% of patients visiting its’ Accident & Emergency departments are treated or admitted within 4 hours.  Sounds not too bad you might think but let’s compare that against the majority of the rest of the country which is achieving, according to the BBC stats, 84.6%.

For planned operations and care the target is that 92% of patients should not be kept waiting more than 18 weeks.  Again, Portsmouth are failing in this and achieved only 86.1% compared with 87.9% across the rest of the country.

The statistics for cancer care are better with targets being met but Portsmouth is still ranked only 53rd in the country in terms of this care.

These statistics show that our treatment is still linked to the area in which we live, it is still a “postcode lottery” dictated by budgets and political argument.

I am not naïve, I know that the system is flawed and that things are unlikely to change.  Care will not be provided in line with statistics that are set by people who are too far removed, perhaps, from the reality of the NHS service.  That care is still provided by human beings who are not beyond making mistakes.  The question is what happens when targets are not met and this causes patients’ health to worsen, causes dangerous and life limiting illness to become more serious and, perhaps, life threatening?

That is when you might need and want the advice of a Clinical Negligence lawyer like me and the team at Swain & Co Solicitors.  We have a vast amount of experience in dealing with claims that involve delayed treatment or perhaps wrong treatment which has caused injury.  We are able to talk you through the issues and complaints that you have and provide quick, accurate and reliable advice which will also be realistic in terms of your chances of success with any claim you consider making.

Swain & Co Solicitors offer a No Win No Fee service and any initial enquiries with us are completely free and without obligation.

Call today to discuss your worries on 0800 0351 999.

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